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Loboans are werewolf-like aliens from the moon Luna Lobo orbiting the planet Anur Transyl.


Loboans have grey or brown fur, some have a long flowing mane, and a bushy tail, with three or four sharp claws on each hand. One of them serves as the thumb, while the others serve as the fingers.

Their jaws have four hinges and can open outward. The inside of a Loboan's mouth has been shown to be purple, green or red.


There are good and evil Loboans, but their social norms are not the same as humans.[DJW 1]

While there are wild packs of Loboans on Luna Lobo, some are able to integrate into society, such as those seen on Anur Transyl.

Some Loboans have been shown to be non-speaking, savage beasts with little reasoning or intelligence, such as the Yenaldooshi , though they are still smart enough to operate machinery and understand instructions. However, some Loboans, such as Scout and the ones seen on Anur Transyl, display higher self-control, and seem to be able to integrate into civilized life.

Loboans have voracious appetites and will eat anything - including their own kind.[pop-up 1][1]

Powers and Abilities

Loboans' howls are amplified by their splitting muzzle to become a concussive blast.[pop-up 2][1] This can either cause considerable damage to their targets. These sonic howls are powerful enough to damage a Petrosapien,[2] and can be used to reflect incoming projectiles and propel themselves upward like a rocket booster.

Loboans have enhanced senses of smelling and hearing, giving them great tracking and detection abilities.

Loboans possess enhanced agility, reflexes, durability, and strength.

Loboans have formidable claws and fangs. The claws on their feet can grasp like hands.

Loboans can jump into the tallest trees on Luna Lobo to catch prey.[pop-up 3][1]

Much like ordinary Earth wolves, Loboans have extraordinary night vision.

Like the other races in the Anur System, Loboans are immune to the effects of Corrodium.


Like most Earth canines, they can't handle loud noises, like that of giant bells[3] or other Loboans' sonic howls[DJW 2] because of their sensitive hearing.

Loboans can be controlled and hypnotized by Vladats via their Corrupturas.[4]

Notable Loboans

Notable Loboan Hybrids


"Loboan" is a play on the word Lobo, which is Filipino, Portuguese, and Spanish for wolf.


  • Originally, all Loboan cubs had green eyes, whereas adults had red and pale orange eyes.[pop-up 4][1] This was retconned in Omniverse, as the Loboans seen on Anur Transyl had eyes of varying colors.[5]
  • When a Loboan's muzzle splits in the original series, their tongues retract and stow themselves away.[TP 1] This is slightly altered in Omniverse, as their tongues stay in place and split in half.
  • Some Loboans in the Protector of Earth Timeline have white fur.


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