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Lewodans are a peaceful species from the planet Lewoda.


Cicely, Tiffin and Zaw-Veenull

Lewodans are white with light blue eyes and no pupils, and wear blue or purple robes. They are ice cream-shaped when they are young, and become humanoid when they are older.

Lewodans do not have legs.[DJW 1]


The Lewodans are often presented as a peaceful and quiet species.[1] However, they can become very aggressive, as they are hostile toward Appoplexians.[2][3]

Powers and Abilities

Lewodans can fly using electromagnetism, which can glitch the Omnitrix if they are not skilled.[1]

Lewodans are able to hold their own in hand-to-hand combat against Appoplexians, using a combat style similar to Aikido. They can use their opponent's energy and momentum against them.

Lewodans are highly flexible and stretchy, which allows them to absorb hits.

Lewodans are capable of regeneration, being able to grow themselves back after taking damage.[DJW 2]

Notable Lewodans

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Spanish (HA) Lewodan
Lewodiano (The Color of Monkey)
From the original English name; pronounced /lɛ'uoT͟Han/ (Con of Rath), /'lɛuoT͟Han/ (Food Around the Corner)
Variation of the original English name; pronounced /lɛuo'T͟Hɪano/ and /lɛgu'T͟Hɪano/.


  • Lewodans are considered a delicacy by Jarett, king of the Pantophage.[1]
  • The sale and consumption of Lewodan babies is banned in 15 systems.[4][5]
  • A shop in Undertown sells Tiffin-flavored ice cream, that is artificially flavored to taste like the real thing.[5]
  • Lewodans taste better when they are younger and are probably marshmallowy.[DJW 4]
  • In Con of Rath, it was stated that the Lewodans were an empire. However, in Food Around the Corner, they are a republic.


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