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Let the Games Begin is the seventh Ben 10 Short.


Ben and Gwen are playing picture bingo and Ben is losing, so he transforms into XLR8 to spot things that are on his card by the road they are driving on. He gets everything except the last picture which is the ice sculpture, and Gwen's last item is a family of geese. But when they drive by the place where Ben put the ice sculpture, they find a family of geese in a big puddle. It turns out or Ben realizes that the ice sculpture he has on his card by the road melted, and a family of geese came there. Ben lost the game which meant that he had to sit in the back seat for 2 weeks, however Grandpa Max grounds him to the back seat for a month as he (along with Gwen) found out Ben used the Omnitrix for cheating on a game.


Error Omnitrix dial 2

Error Omnitrix dial

Aliens Used


  • When Ben gets the idea to cheat, the Omnitrix dial is horizontal.


  • Ben's sketch of the ice scupture resembles the statue of Pazuzu from The Exorcist.
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