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Lepidopterrans, also known as Stinkflies and Lepids[1], are a species from the planet Lepidopterra.


Lepidopterrans have slender humanoid bodies. Their bodies are mostly cyan in color, with their shoulders, armpits, and ankles being light blue. They have cyan-colored compound eyes and several light blue stripes on their bodies. They also have two orange wings and two dark cyan antennae.

Female Lepidopterrans have spikes on their arms and are more slender than male Lepidopterrans.


A group of Lepidopterran explorers once landed on Khoros, where they were mistaken for invaders and fought off by the Tetramand Warrior Queen.

A group of Ekoplektoids came to Lepidopterra unexpected (due to their navigation system being interfered by the smell) and the Lepidopterrans mistaken them for invaders before explaining to them that they need space. So the Lepidopterrans allowed them to stay.

Powers and Abilities

Lepidopterrans are extremely acrobatic flyers, able to pull off amazing maneuvers of precision and grace.

Lepidopterrans are extremely agile, able to avoid most attacks while attacking the opponents.

Lepidopterrans have a large variety of attacks like goo spitting, blowing nauseous gas and stinging their opponents.

Lepidopterrans are stronger than humans.

Lepidopterrans glow in the dark.


Although their exoskeleton body is fairly strong, Lepidopterran wings are very fragile.

Lepidopterrans are weak to any type of chemical, poison, or gas, including their own gas.

Water is especially a problem for Lepidopterrans, as it can render them incapable of flight if too much gets on their wings.

Lepidopterrans are unable to swim well due to the small surface area of their legs.

Their slime supply is not infinite; it fired for long enough, they will run out.

Notable Lepidopterrans

  • Stinkfly (the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Lepidopterran)
  • Lepidopterran Natives

Notable Lepidopterran Hybrids


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