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Lenopans, usually referred to as Sludgepuppies or Sludges, are a species of alien blob shapeshifters. Though now at peace with humanity, they have historically tried to cause trouble on Earth and had thus been in opposition with the Plumbers.


Lenopans are capable of taking on humanoid shapes and features, such as skin and hair, or, in Lucy and Camille's case, a humanoid shape while retaining a mud-like appearance.

Female Lenopans have two mobile whiskers on their cheeks and two antennae above their much larger eyes, while males lack both. Male Lenopans usually have smaller eyes than females.


Similar to human culture, the taboo against cousins dating extends to cousins unrelated by blood.[MW 1]



The Earth's Plumbers and the Lenopans were involved in a decades-long feud, before it was ended by the marriage of Plumber Joel Tennyson and Lenopan Camille Mann.

Ben 10

In Big Fat Alien Wedding, Joel was about to get married to his alien fiancé, but Camille's family objected to her marrying a human. During the rehearsal dinner, Camille's Ex-Boyfriend disrupted the reception to forestall suspicion upon the parents, but he was quickly dealt with by Ben as Diamondhead.

During the wedding, the Mann family and another Lenopan disguised as a wedding staff member interrupted it, destroying everything. Ben turned into Heatblast to face the Manns, but later in the fight, they merged into one being. The Lenopans captured and engulfed Ben, dragging him into their body. They thought they had won, but were defeated from the inside by Heatblast's heat, which dried and solidified them into a brittle mass. Joel and Camille finally got married, which put an end to the decades-long Plumber/Lenopan feud once and for all.


Roughly six years later, Lucy Mann became the first Lenopan Plumber.

Powers and Abilities

Lenopans can stretch, morph and shape shift their bodies in any way shape or form at will. By changing their color and texture, they can mimic flesh and fabric.

Lenopans can detach their body parts, and stick them back on, reattaching them. If they are disembodied, their pieces will instinctively come together again and reconstitute them.

Lenopans can shapes-shift their body parts, and sometimes themselves into other objects including melee weapons. Using their sludge, they can look like another shape made of purple sludge, while they can still move while in liquid form.

Lenopans can shapes-shift into non-existent or imaginary species complete with unique abilities.[1]

Lenopans' liquid bodies can be gelatinous akin to a large mass of muscle, which allows tangibility and the ability to be mobile.

Lenopans can generate slime and shoot masses of it like adhesive projectiles.

A Lenopan's normal slimy form is dense and adhesive enough to trap other creatures in themselves. This form also gives them the capability to go underground infinitely.[2]


Due to their blob-like nature, Lenopans are weak against electricity, such as that generated by stun batons.

Lenopans are vulnerable to being immobilized if exposed to strong temperatures, whether it be too cold or too hot.[2]

Lenopans can only shapeshift as large as their mass allows.[DJW 1]

Lenopans are vulnerable to being turned into smoothies by a Roebekampus Multipede.[DJW 2]

Notable Lenopans

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Bulgarian Ленопан From the original English name
Hungarian Iszapfráter From iszap, sludge and fráter, critter
Polish Linopanin From the original English name
Portuguese (Br) Lenopanos From the original English name
Spanish (HA) Desperdicios (Ben 10)
Novatos de Lodo (Ben 10: Omniverse)
From desperdicios, wastes
From Novatos de lodo, sludge rookies
From the original English name
Spanish (Spain) Cachorros de Lodo From cachorros de lodo, sludgepuppies


  • "Sludgepuppy" is an offensive racial slur for the Lenopans.[3][1]
    • Although the Plumbers have been calling them Sludgepuppies,[4][2] it is unknown if they knew the Lenopans' real species name.
    • Deefus appears to be the only known Lenopan that has a problem with the "Sludgepuppy" term,[1] as Lucy did not seem to mind being called by that name.[5]
  • At some point in the planning stages of Arc 6 of Omniverse, a female Lenopan was meant to be a member of the Rooters.[DJW 3]
  • The Lenopans' powers are similar to both Clayface and the 2003 Teen Titans version of Plasmus from DC Comics.
    • They also share the same physiology as the former and the same purple color scheme as the latter.


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