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Lenny is a boy that is in charge of the mascots.


Lenny is a young man that wears a black shirt with a cattle skull on it, a light blue demin vest, blue jeans and blue sneakers.


Lenny is a guy who works in Mascot, and makes sure Yawk is covered so he doesn't escape the valley. As soon as he does this, he goes home. However when Gwen asks Ben to sneak in the valley to get a photo, Yawk comes to life and starts to talk and sing. Suddenly, he wakes up and notices that the other mascots are alive, and uses Allen to fly over to the exit of the valley to stop Yawk from escaping. After defeating Yawk, Ben, Gwen, and Lenny take a selfie. Gwen asks about her shirt, but Lenny tells her that they were discontinued a year ago, and that the brochure states that. Gwen then tears it, and walks away. Lenny never appears again.


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