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LEGO and Cartoon Network collaborated to make a line of LEGO toys for Ben 10: Alien Force. They came out in 2010. A total of six of them were released: Swampfire, Humungousaur, Spidermonkey, Chromastone, Jetray, and Big Chill.

They only lasted one wave of six sets before they were discontinued later in 2010 due to poor sales.


The pieces of the figures connect when compatible connectors are snapped into their appropriate sockets. In this way, a complete model can be created, along with a vast number of other combinations. The pieces are compatible with other LEGO products, especially those which also use the ball-and-socket system (E.G. Bionicle, Hero Factory). The figures also glow in the dark.

The figures were easier to build due to them being made for younger kids.


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  • A promotional brick, the Ben 10 After Dark Brick, was released at LEGOLAND Windsor.
  • In 2012, several Ben 10 fans in the UK built a large statue of Bloxx made out of Legos to promote Ben 10: Omniverse. The statue was designed by KC Designs.[1] It took over 570 hours to build and it broke a world record for the most contributors to an interlocking plastic brick sculpture.