Yawa Tocsib, or Ledgerdomain as it is known to the natives, is an inter-dimensional realm of magic and mana. In one episode, Aggregor uses this true name to get to the dimension of Ledgerdomain to steal the Alpha Rune. In fact, it is believed that all magic (mana) flows from this dimension to other realms and worlds such as Anodyne. The source of all of its power is the Alpha Rune, an all-powerful magical object that gives its wielder absolute power and control of Magic itself, by giving its user the knowledge of the secret true name of magic. The dimension is made up of stone walkways with a few larger land masses and arcs which can act as motion detectors, summoning Stone Golems controlled by Adwaita. Also it uniquely has a unparalleled sky, meaning any
being in the air unbound by gravity is unable to return to the ground without assistance. Beings such as Gwen who use magic and mana have their powers and abilities vastly strengthened and increased to numerous power levels in this mystical world, with even a single eye blast from Gwen effectively exploding into an expanding wave of mana that destroys whatever it hits upon contact but leaves allies (including Charmcaster) unharmed. because The Alpha Rune is no longer in the Ledgerdomain the door to Everywhere cannot access it leaving with Ben and his team unable to access the dimension for now. It appeares that all skies, ground, soil even water are colored pink just because of mana.
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Charmcaster, the savior of Yahwahtacsip


  • When Aggregor says the true name of Ledgerdomain as "Yawa Tocsib", Charmcaster pronounced it as "Yawa Tocsic".
  • Ledgerdomain may be a reference to legerdemain.
  • It's confirmed by Dwayne McDuffie, that the name is "Yahwahtacsip", because is a reference of "Piscataway", Township, New Jersey, backwards.

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