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Lavadrex are a magma-based species from the star-like planet Pyros.


Lavadrex are large blobulous creatures made of lava, with igneous rock (hardened lava) over the tops of their heads. They have two yellow eyes. Little is known of their body shape as they are only seen partially submerged in lava, save that they have two arms. They are massive creatures that easily dwarf Pyronites and humans alike.


Lavadrex live in the lava flow surrounding Mount Helios. They are territorial and will fight anyone who passes too close by, including any Pyronites trying to complete their tradition of dropping an Ice Egg into the top of the mountain.

Powers and Abilities

Little is shown of the Lavadrex's capabilities. It is unclear if they can survive for prolonged periods beneath the surface of their lava rivers without needing to surface for whatever reason.


It is unclear how the cooling of the planet Pyros after the use of an Ice Egg affects this species, since they live within lava.

Notable Lavadrex

  • Pyros natives
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