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LaGrange is an illegal racer who first appeared in Need for Speed.


He's dressed in a red and black racing suit with a mask. A lightning symbol can be seen on his chest.


He only drives only for the thrill of the race without the regard to the lives of anyone or property. He is seen as a reckless driver by other people. In the eye of many fellow racers, he is seen as a dirty driver.


LaGrange first appears in Need for Speed, where he plots to dig up the old treasure lying within Yellowstone National Park in a race between the Malachi Sisters, Dirty Dobs and Vin Ethanol, with the winner being whoever finds the treasure first. However, he is eventually defeated, like the others, upon the intervention of Ben as Stinkfly and later as Overflow, despite his best efforts to rid him. At the end, an annoyed Overflow then begrudgingly saves him before falling to his death, and later arrested with the others.

LaGrange returns in Drive You Crazy, this time entering himself in a race against Ben (as Upgrade) after the former blows up Komal's vehicle. However, his recklessness soon leads to his defeat once more and is bested by Heatblast.

Powers and Abilities

He is a skilled driver and racer.


His race car his has various gadgets. These gadgets include:

  • Boosters
  • Missile Launchers
  • A go-kart


His mind can be so heavily focused on the race that he takes no consideration of the possible danger he got himself into, usually to the point of foolhardy recklessness.


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