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LaGrange is an illegal racer who first appeared in Need for Speed.


He's dressed in a red and black racing suit with a mask. A lightning symbol can be seen on his chest.


He only drives only for the thrill of the race without the regard to the lives of anyone or property. He is seen as a reckless driver by other people. In the eye of many fellow racers, he is seen as a dirty driver.


LaGrange first appears in Need for Speed, where he plots to dig up the old treasure lying within Yellowstone National Park in a race between the Malachi Sisters, Dirty Dobs and Vin Ethanol, with the winner being whoever finds the treasure first. However, he is eventually defeated, like the others, upon the intervention of Ben as Stinkfly and later as Overflow, despite his best efforts to rid him. At the end, an annoyed Overflow then begrudgingly saves him before falling to his death, and later arrested with the others.

LaGrange returns in Drive You Crazy, this time entering himself in a race against Ben (as Upgrade) after the former blows up Komal's vehicle. However, his recklessness soon leads to his defeat once more and is bested by Heatblast.

In High Stress Express, LaGrange becomes convinced that he must outrace a transcontinental bullet train, claimed to be the 'fastest vehicle ever' in order to regain the title for himself and his own race car. However, further competition soon arrives as Ben, who joins seeking the title for himself too. Despite the former's best efforts (even putting the lives of the train passengers at risk), he is once more thwarted, his car destroyed, by Omni-Enhanced Heatblast. Before being arrested, LaGrange swears that he will get vengeance.

In LaGrange Muraille, LaGrange competes against Vin Ethanol to see whose car can outrace the other and jump over the Great Wall of China. However, the latter is unaware that LaGrange is merely using him for his own personal benefits, especially once Ben arrives to race for himself in Glitch. Convincing Vin to rid Slapback, and later Heatblast, LaGrange soon turns and cheats the competition to ensure he wins, only to be stopped by Four Arms teaming up with the latter.

In Forever Road, LaGrange receives an Omnitrix Remote Control from the Forever Knight, before the latter then sends him to the same muscle car race that Ben is planning to enter (on behalf of Phil). Using said device, LaGrange prevents Ben from accessing XLR8, thus forcing him to rely on the use of his other aliens to continue the race. Although seemingly winning the race, LaGrange is stopped by the arrival of Slapback, who manages to finally destroy the Remote Control - losing both the race and his partnership with the Forever Knight, who instead offers to invite Vin Ethanol, the winner of the race, in his place instead.

In Wheels of Fortune, LaGrange teams up with Kevin (as Dark Matter) in order to initially steal the other townsfolk's possessions, including Ben's Sumo Slammers Shirt, thus prompting him to give chase to them. However, shortly afterwards, LaGrange turns on Dark Matter, using the alien's powers as a means of his own energy source to fuel his car. Despite managing to shake off XLR8 and the escaped Kevin (now Quad Smack), he is once more chased by Humungousaur, Glitch and Rush, and is eventually stopped.

In Steam Fight at the OK Corral, LaGrange is briefly seen inadvertently receiving a photo of Kevin and Steam Smythe.

In Chicken In Chichen Itza, Part 2: The Wages of Fear, LaGrange returns with the promise of capturing the Quetzalcoatl and selling it to pay off his due rents. After swiftly dealing with XLR8, LaGrange manages to capture the truck transporting said creature, holding Mary Jo hostage as well. After defeating Heatblast and Glitch, a now-reformed Ben (having regained his confidence) stops LaGrange, using Omni-Kix Cannonbolt in order to free the Quetzalcoatl and force him to flee.

Powers and Abilities

He is a skilled driver and racer.


His race car his has various gadgets. These gadgets include:

  • Boosters
  • Missile Launchers
  • A go-kart


His mind can be so heavily focused on the race that he takes no consideration of the possible danger he got himself into, usually to the point of foolhardy recklessness.


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