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L.I.Z.A. is the robot used by Breaker One-Nine, used as his main tool in both landscaping and excavation as well as combat.


In its default state, L.I.Z.A. is simply a light-orange front loader.

However, it is able to transform into a bipedal robot for combat purposes, with the bucket moving to the back of the robot, and having its bottom shifting into its legs, with the wheels serving as hip joints and feet.

Powers and Abilities

In its bipedal form, L.I.Z.A. has the ability to change its arms into different tools and weapons. In its default state, its left arm ends in a fist, while its right arm ends with a wrecking ball that can be used like a mace. However, its right arm can morph into a drill while its left arm can use either an oversized screwdriver or a laser gun.

L.I.Z.A. possesses a measure of enhanced strength, as it can not only knock away Humungousaur with a punch, but also slam him down after grabbing his tail with ease and throw him away.


Ben 10

Season 4


  • Being a construction vehicle that turns into a combat robot, L.I.Z.A. is similar to the Constructicons, a group of Decepticons (the primary antagonists) that disguise themselves as construction vehicles in multiple incarnations of the Transformers franchise and serve as their engineers.
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