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Kylmyys is an ice-cold world and a home planet of the Necrofriggians and Psycholeopterrans.



Kylmyys in Project Exonaut

Due to a cataclysmic event that occurred eons ago, Kylmyys is covered entirely by glacial ice and snow, trapped in an everlasting winter.[merchandise 1]


Because of the planet's oppressively cold temperature, no corporeal creature could survive in this unbearable frozen climate. However, the Necrofriggians managed to evolve over the millennia into intangible ghost-like forms, having no solid material to freeze. In a wistful way, for even though the incorporeal Necrofriggian may be able to exist on their home planet, they can never truly be a part of it, nor any concrete world.[merchandise 1]


Known Inhabitants


Kylmyys is Finnish for "cold".

Video Games

Galactic Racing

Various tracks located on Kylmyys exist in the game.




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