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Kiusana[merchandise 1] is the home planet of the Orishan in the Andromeda Galaxy.


Kiusana is a small, arid planet located in the Andromeda Galaxy. Over sixty percent of this world is desert. Because Orishan are able to extract hydrogen and oxygen from the air and create water as a natural byproduct, not only are Orishan able to thrive in this bone-dry climate, but their species is revered by all others on Kiusana for their "magical" powers.[merchandise 1]

As a result, one cannot go anywhere on Kiusana without finding statues, monuments, carvings, and cave paintings dedicated to the wondrous, water-producing Orishan. To all other species on Kiusana, Orishan are part village shamans, part rockstars.[merchandise 1]


It is unknown how the society of this planet is, however Orishan are treated with great respect from the other beings on Kiusana for having the ability to produce water. This is why there are many statues and carvings of them.[merchandise 1]

Notable Inhabitants


Kiusana is Finnish for "nuisance".


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