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King Koil is a villain who first appeared in King Koil.


He was a humanoid snake like creature who has green scaled skin, white hair, fangs, legs, a tail and two (later six) arms. He wears a black cloak a thorny crown on his head.


He is extremely prideful of his reptilian heritage and the hate for anything that is not a reptile such as mammals and aquatic life. However, he does show mercy, kindness and compassion to anyone who is a reptile lover and anyone who worships him.

He even can have a love interest with any female mammal who takes care of injured reptiles along with loving reptile life. If that said human female doesn't want to be a reptile queen, he forces her to be his.

He shows more equality to the reptiles that he consider all reptiles his family from calling them brothers and sisters, but in a middle of combat he is willing have a innocent bystander reptile be a "Sacrifice For The Good Of All".


Koil first appears in King Koil, where went to the Retpo Ranch to recruit all the reptiles for his army for a Reptile Revolution, along with giving himself and the reptiles increase of aggression by raising the temperature. He also want Mary Jo to be his queen for his reptile world.

In All Koiled Up, he returns with a giant female monitor lizard as a mount, thanks to Ben turning a rock garden to a mud garden making it easy to tunnel through a opening to the surface.

In Rekoil, Koil has fallen under the control of Dr. Animo after failing to hypnotize the latter in a stare-down. Animo used Koil to fight Ben while he abducts animals in an animal center until he is liberated by Omni-Kix Heatblast.

Powers and Abilities[]

King Koil can telepathically control any type of reptile. He can quickly tunnel underground, regenerate lost limbs, and has infrared vision that allows him to see a living creature through their body temperature. He also possesses enhanced strength and jumping.


Because he can only see a creature through their body temperature, he is unable to see creatures with no temperature, like Diamondhead.

Since he is a reptile, he can't stand extreme cold.

King Koil can be controlled by Dr. Animo's technology.


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  • Koil shares similar traits with Ssserpent from the Classic Continuity, as both of them are villainous humanoid serpents and voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.
  • Koil's mind-control powers of reptiles are similar to Zak Saturday's powers over cryptids.
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