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Kinecelerans are a species from the planet Kinet.


Kinecelerans have blue faces and skin. They have long, prehensile tails that may or may not have black stripes on them. Their arms have two claws. Their feet have gliders , which enables them to travel quickly. However, they are not born with them but must obtain them. Once obtained, the gain the ability to run to speeds of up to 500 miles per hour and gain the ability to run up walls. They have green eyes.

Kinecelerans have masks which can cover their faces. They typically wear helmets, which are usually black, long, elliptical, and pointed at the top. They are made up of their skin and part of their skull.[DR 1]

They have black lips, black facial markings, and black rings around their eyes. They have no pupils.

The Kineceleran representatives have turquoise uniforms similar to a royal gaurds, complete with gold trim and shoulderpads. They also have golden headdresses with pink crystals in the center.


Kinecelerans live their lives in a constant rush, acting largely on impulse as opposed to thought out actions. They are gangly and naturally awkward.


Kinecelerans also get around in vehicles that appear to be floating. They have blue space ships that have fins pointing down on the ship's side and a light blue window of the front. The entrance to the ships is located on the back. A Kineceleran can be seen with a device that looks like an advanced pad. Their weapon of choice are electrical charge spears.


Kinecelerans enjoy sports, and have built large stadiums to this effect. One such sport is similar to the human sport hockey, with energy pellets made from the planet's natural electrical storms.

A Kineceleran rite of passage is "The Running of the Gauntlet" in which a young Kineceleran must acquire the species' characteristic gliding wheels from their homeworld's wilderness.

Powers and Abilities

Kinecelerans are able to reach speeds of more than 500 miles per hour. This extreme speed comes from manipulating friction, enabling them to run up walls. XLR8 can accelerate so quickly that time appears to completely halt to him. This is only possible when they go deep into the forest and obtain the wheels to put on their feet.

Kinecelerans have retractable visors.[1][2]

Kinecelerans are able to create tornadoes by generating a centripetal vacuum either by running in a circular pattern or spinning at high speeds.

Kinecelerans have very high dexterity, able to type on keyboards or keypads at high speeds.

Kinecelerans have prehensile tails.

If given energy by an external device, a Kineceleran can time travel by generating portals.

Kinecelerans can generate a tornado strong enough to lift a To'kustar off of their feet.

Kinecelerans are immune to extreme temperatures, having survived on Pyros for extended periods of time.[3]

Kinecelerans are completely frictionless.[DR 2]


Vulnerable to Fire

Though Kinecelerans can think faster than a human, their fast-paced lifestyle means that they do not usually stop and think through strategies and ideas, leading them to be very impulsive and prone to bad decisions.

Kinecelerans can also be affected by Earth poison.

Despite being immune to extreme temperatures, they can be harmed by contact with fire.[3]

Notable Kinecelerans

  • XLR8 (the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Kineceleran)
  • Kinet Natives

Notable Kineceleran Hybrids


The species' name may be a mix between the word kinetic and accelerate.


  • The sports masks worn during their hockey-like games are an intentional nod to XLR8's mask in the original series.


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