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Kinecelerans are a species from the planet Kinet.


Kinecelerans have blue faces and skin. They have long, prehensile tails that may or may not have black stripes on them. Their arms end in three fingered hands. Their feet have wheels on them, which enables them to travel quickly. They have white eyes (although XLR8 has green ones due to the Omnitrix).

Kinecelerans have masks which can cover their faces. They typically wear helmets, which are usually black, long, elliptical, and pointed at the top. These helmets can have visors or glasses, which are part of their biology and not mechanical.[pop-up 1][1] Some Kinecelerans lack helmets, instead having alternate headwear covering their scalps.

They have black lips, black facial markings, and black rings around their eyes. They have no pupils.

Some Kinecelerans have claws instead of fingers.


Kinecelerans live their lives in a constant rush. They are gangly and naturally awkward.

Kinecelerans are prone to acting without thinking.

Kineceleran Hybrids

Helen is more patient than normal Kinecelerans and thinks before acting.

Powers and Abilities

Kinecelerans are able to reach speeds of more than 500 miles per hour. This extreme speed comes from manipulating friction, enabling them to run up walls. XLR8 can accelerate so quickly that time appears to completely halt to him. As such, he has also been proven to think and react at a rate required to maintain such high speeds.[2] Kinecelerans seem to become faster as they grow older, seeing how XLR8 was capable of traveling globally in just a few seconds when used by Ben 10,000.[pop-up 2][3]

Basically, Kinecelerans can run so fast to the point where they cannot be seen until a camera's slow-motion is used.[2] They also appear to have more control over their speed than Citrakayahs, seeing as XLR8 could always stop immediately after running for a while, whereas Fasttrack can have trouble stopping if he runs too fast.[4] Furthermore, while Kinecelerans are implied to be even faster than Citrakayahs,[5][6] they are also faster than Aerophibians on the ground.[DM 1]

Kinecelerans have very high dexterity, able to type on keyboards or keypads at high speeds.[7]

Kinecelerans can think, act and react at superhuman speed as well, as XLR8 was able to think of a million combinations in a few seconds while he was trying to remove SevenSeven 23's bomb from Ben 23's arm.[7]

Kinecelerans can deliver speed-enhanced attacks with rapid succession, such as excessively kicking or stabbing enemies with great speed and strength.

A Kineceleran's speed gives them highly sharp reflexes, allowing them to dodge attacks with little to no effort,[8][9] and change direction very easily while running.

Kinecelerans are able to create tornadoes by generating a centripetal vacuum powerful enough to lift a To'kustar, either by running in a circular pattern or spinning at high speeds.[10]

Kinecelerans are fast enough to run on water.[11][12] While doing so, they can even create water vortexes when they are either running in front of[11] or around their enemies.[13]

Kinecelerans with claws can use them to cut through many materials.

Kinecelerans have enhanced strength, as XLR8 was able to carry a multitude of people, including Gwen, to safety without slowing down at age 10.[11][14]

In addition to their speed becoming faster, a Kineceleran's strength seems to increase as they get older as well, as XLR8 was able to greatly damage Exo-Skull with physical attacks further enhanced by striking at rapid succession due to his speed.[3]

Kinecelerans can recover from injuries faster than any other species,[9] though they are also durable enough to withstand being thrown against a wall.[15]

Kinecelerans have prehensile tails, as Kevin 11 was able to use his tail to hang on a wire.[12]

Kinecelerans are able to cling to surfaces, either due to their claws, their agility, or a combination of the two.[14]

Kinecelerans can make opponents dizzy to the point of falling unconscious by grabbing them by their arms and spinning them around in a circle at a fast pace; this feat was exclusively demonstrated by Helen on Gwen.[16]


Kinecelerans cannot run on non-solid ground like mud[17] and especially ice, as they have has poor control over the latter.[18]

Kinecelerans can also be held in place if their tail is either stepped on[19] or held down.[20]

A Kineceleran's speed can be used to an opponent's advantage, as shown when XLR8 was left badly stunned when he ran into Princess Looma's outstretched arm.[15] Similarly, Gwen 10 as XLR8 experienced the same thing during her fight with No Watch Ben as Wildmutt.[21]

Most Kinecelerans do not have the disposition to stop and come up with a strategy.

Kinecelerans are unable to avoid multiple objects being thrown at them all at once.[3]

Despite their enhanced strength, Kinecelerans are physically weaker than Citrakayahs.[MW 1]

Kinecelerans are vulnerable to being knocked out by a Sonorosian's sonic screams, as demonstrated with Helen.[22]

Kinecelerans are vulnerable to the telekinetic abilities of a Celestialsapien, as demonstrated with Helen.[23]

Notable Kinecelerans

  • XLR8 (the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Kineceleran)

Notable Kineceleran Hybrids


The name Kineceleran is a combination of the root kine- (from Greek kinesis, meaning "movement" or "to move") and the Latin word celer ("fast" or "swift"). Together, they mean "fast movement" or "to move swiftly."



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