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Khoros is the home planet of the Tetramands. It is covered in thick forests filled with deadly wildlife.


The dominant species of Khoros is the Tetramands. Khoros also is inhabited by giant and vicious predators, which is the reason Tetramands evolved to possess four arms and prodigious strength.

One such predatory species has been domesticated by the Tetramands while another creature was domesticated for transport.

A two-headed spider-like creature is known to produce silk that is used to forge weapons.


The Tetramands have a primitive and tribal culture. They operate as hunter-gatherers, hunting for food to bring back to their village. They have developed primitive technology- massive weapons on wheeled platforms to aid with hunting.

Notable Inhabitants


RKhoros 1

animation error

  • The short in which this planet debuted, Four Arms AW1: The Overlordess Games, has an animation error. When the Tetramand Overlordess is first shown, her lower right arm is not connected to her torso.
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