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It's the one and only Kevin.

– Kevin to the Weatherheads.[1]

Kevin Ethan Levin[DR 1] is a villain/anti-hero in Ben 10. He is an 11-year-old boy and one of Ben's former bullies from school who managed to create his own Omnitrix with the help of Vilgax prior to the events of Season 3.


Kevin is a thin and scrawny boy with shoulder-length black hair, pale skin, and dark brown eyes. He wears a torn black t-shirt, a padlock necklace around his neck, blue jeans and black shoes with red on the bottom.

Kevin wears a brown Omnitrix-type device called the Antitrix on his left wrist.

Kevin's padlock necklace turned out to host a tracker placed by the Forever Knight, which he later destroyed.[2]

Occasional Appearances

In This One Goes to 11, Kevin wore an olive green jacket.

In Introducing Kevin 11, Kevin wore a blue visor, along with a blue jacket with yellow streaks. He also wore skates.

In a flashback in Adrenaland Jr. Kevin wore a short sleeved shirt and lacked his padlock necklace.

In You Remind Me of Someone, Kevin wore Ben's green shirt. He also had his hair in a pony tail.

In What Rhymes with Omnitrix?, Kevin wore a black hoodie with torn sleeves.

In De-Fanged!, Kevin wore a vest, with black clothes, and boots.

In Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie, he wore Glitch Armor, which resembles Ship's armor from the Classic Timeline.


I'd rather go all-in and end up squashed than stand around and let some slab of squid jerky like you take over the planet.

– Kevin to AntiVilgax.

Kevin is a bully who seems to enjoy causing other people misery, taking sadistic joy in inflicting pain and suffering. He is also incredibly arrogant, believing himself to be better with the Antitrix than Ben is with the Omnitrix despite having had it for a far lesser period of time, and is determined to prove this by destroying Ben. Kevin is loathed to believe that he could need help with anything, which caused him to initially reject Forever Knight's offer of recruitment.

Despite his ruthlessness in regards to Ben, Kevin doesn't want to hurt others who aren't involved with their feud. He especially doesn't want to see Gwen getting hurt, as he has a crush on her. He has also shown a willingness to swallow his pride and work together with Ben if need be.[2][3]

For all his bravado and abrasive behavior, Kevin is actually quite lonely. Jealousy of Ben having friends and family that he can count on appears to be a driving force behind his hatred of him, his misguided anger driving him to kill Ben.[DR 2] It is also heavily implied that his dad is an alcoholic.[4] He secretly wants to do good, but couldn't bring himself up to do it.[5][6]

Kevin and Charmcaster develop a mild rivalry over who the better, badder enemy of the Tennyson cousins is, although after a while they start displaying a begrudging respect for each other and a willingness to work together.

Kevin seems to work with multiple different enemies of the Tennyson's. However, he always gets betrayed yet is eager for payback. For example, Kevin would not give Ben his shirt back until he helped him get revenge on LaGrange.[7]

Kevin has shown to never give up, as shown when he kept fighting AntiVilgax even without his Antitrix. He states that he would rather end up getting squashed than letting Vilgax take over the world.[6]

Over time, Kevin's usually horseplay started to get repetitive. Kevin revealed that he likes to prank people a lot.[8]


Ben Tennyson

Kevin and Ben in R.jpg

Kevin and Ben are both rivals that turn into aliens. They sometimes team up with each other, and also fight against each other. Once Ben insulted Kevin. In Introducing Kevin 11, he slammed Skunkmoth on the ground twice, and hurt Kevin when he said, "At least I have someone to run back to". Kevin and Ben appears to have a neutral friendship, having each other's phone numbers.[9] Over time, Ben has shown to not want to fight Kevin on multiple occasions.

Eventually, he, Ben, and LaGrange are frozen in time in Mock 10. Once they escape, they say goodbye to each other without arguing, and fighting. Gwen questions why they aren't fighting, but Ben states, "Been there and done that. The Sonitrain was its own adventure", revealing he and Kevin are on better terms.

Kevin is jealous that Ben has access to aliens that he does not,[DR 3] such as Shock Rock, Slapback, Rath, Humungousaur, and Jetray.

Gwen Tennyson

Throughout many episodes, Kevin has shown to have a crush on Gwen. Kevin was willing to team-up with Ben just to save her.

Forever Knight

Family? (Scoffs) That's a laugh. You have no one. Without me, you're all alone, remember? Now, stop playing around and report back here at once.

Forever Knight offered a chance to make Kevin better. Out of all Forever Knight's recruits, Kevin is assigned the most missions. Kevin turned down the Knights offer twice until he threatened Gwen. Kevin sees himself as one of Forever Knight's best recruits, but Forever Knight only sees him as a "cheap Tennyson knock-off". Forever Knight did not hesitate to try and take Kevin out in Buggy Out, after he disobeyed him. He also didn't worry about harming Kevin when raising the steaks between a fight with Kevin and Ben in an arena during The Bentathlon.

Kevin and Forever Knight The Bentathlon.png

While working with the Knight Kevin made him popular by creating a video cam of him.

Forever Knight once called Kevin to get back to work, however, Ben (his head on Kevin's body) picked up the phone. Ben, pretending to be Kevin, told him that he was "hanging with his family", but Forever Knight laughs and states that without him, Kevin has no one.

Kevin considered himself to be the best fighter Forever Knight had. However, Forever Knight only saw him as a useless pawn. Soon, while Kevin, Gwen, Ben, and Forever Knight are in a time portal. The Knight demands Kevin to make himself useful for once and bring him Ben. Kevin then sacrifices getting trapped in time by kicking the Knight through the time portal, leading them both somewhere unknown.



Kevin Levin was one of Ben's bullies, which caused Ben to have a fear of public restrooms, and why he wouldn't eat lunch for three months.

Kevin writing down blueprints for the Antitrix

One night, Vilgax used his snooze tech and sent Kevin blueprints for an Omnitrix via a dream. This led Kevin to his fulfillment of creating the Antitrix.

Ben 10

He ended up running into Ben at Biggie Box. They both battle it out, but Kevin, as Wreckingbolt, gets defeated by Humungousaur.

Kevin meets Ben in England and tries to scare him, making him think a ghost is present in the castle. Kevin fights Ben with Thornblade, Undertow, and Dark Matter, those being counterparts of Ben's missing aliens. Kevin soon times out, and tries to run from Four Arms. Soon Ben times out too. Kevin begins to bully Ben, but they both end up being frightened by a bear noise. Forever Knight soon shows up and attempts to recruit Kevin, only to be let down.

In Franken-Fight, Kevin is invited to Forever Knights Castle to talk. Kevin asks why Forever Knight is showing him videos of Ben taking down villains, the Knight explains that Ben continues to show great promises with his watch. Kevin turns down the offer, and says there is nothing that he can say to change his mind. Later on he encounters Ben, only wanting to talk to him, but Ben automatically starts to fight. Kevin transformed as well. Kevin being Crystalfist, and Ben being Humungousaur. Kevin finds out Ben's weakness, and transforms into Bootleg to upgrade the Rustbuggy. Soon Glitch is infected and Kevin's upgrade fails. Kevin teams up with Ben in order to save the Rustbuggy and Gwen. After saving both Glitch and Gwen, Ben thanks Kevin for his help, and asks him what he wanted to talk about. Kevin states that it wasn't important. As soon as the two leave, Forever Knight asks Kevin if he's forgetting something, over his communication device, but Kevin yells "No" and destroys it.

Kevin meets Charmcaster

In Which Watch, Kevin fights Ben in a cave as Quad Smack. Soon Kevin is randomly grabbed by magical tentacles. It is revealed to be Charmcaster, who takes control over Kevin. Later on at the space camp, Kevin, as Hot Shot, attacks Ben and Gwen against his will. Eventually, Charmcaster pulls off a magical illusion moving the four into a space-like environment. Kevin times out and tells Charmcaster to find someone else to settle her drama. Charmcaster reacts in rage and uses all of Kevin's power, transforming him into Monster Kevin. Monster Kevin's fire breath is used by Humungousaur to destroy Charmcaster's book, thus reverting Kevin back to human. Charmcaster leaves and destroys the illusion, sending Kevin, Ben, and Gwen back to reality. When Ben celebrates their team victory, Kevin walks off, angrily saying they're not a team.

In Buggy Out, Kevin is caught by Ben in the Rustbucket. Kevin transforms into Hot Shot and blasts Ben. Soon Kevin, as Hot Shot, drives off. Forever Knight's drone flies in and checks on Kevin. The Rustbucket is soon tipped over by Hot Shot after a jump scare from Rath. Soon Kevin steals the Rustbuggy and drives around enjoying his time. Forever Knight gets mad at him for altering the plan, so he hops out to take manners into his own hands. Kevin is forced to team up with Ben to defeat Forever Knight. After defeating him, Kevin wanders off. Back at Forever Knight's base, Kevin tells Forever Knight that he thinks he found a way to recruit Ben.

Kevin and Four Arms Introducing Kevin 11.png

In Introducing Kevin 11, Kevin started messing around with Ben, by stealing a Sumo Slammers collectible from him. Ben chanced Kevin around and eventually he got tired of Kevin's games. Ben hurts Kevin both physically and emotionally. This prompted Kevin to transform into Bashmouth and beat Ben (as Four Arms) up before loosing control. The bridge that they were under soon begins to fall. Ben convinces Kevin to help lift it, and get the people out. After all of the people leave, Kevin abandons Ben and retreats to a forest, where he soon times out. Forever Knight appears behind him telling him that he lost once again due to lack of control. Kevin tells him that he could do this on his own, but Forever Knight doubts it. He offers for Kevin to join him.

Kevin and Ben teaming up

In Four by Four, Kevin is placed on the same team as Ben in laser tag. Both of them team up to win the match, however Ben thinks Kevin was up to something. Kevin soon transforms into Quad Smack and starts getting the upper hand on the people playing. Ben thinks Kevin is cheating and transforms into Heatblast and shoots him with a laser, causing their team a point. Kevin's Omnitrix is soon hit with another laser, leaving him stuck as Quad Smack. Kevin and Ben set aside their differences and team up, Ben transforms into Four Arms, and they both take on all of the laser tag competitors. Soon, Gwen tries to shoot Ben with a laser, but Kevin jumps in front of him, causing the laser to fix Kevin's Omnitrix. After the match, Ben assumes Kevin will go back to hating him, but Kevin wasn't sure, telling him that facing off with Gwen was one of the hardest challenges. Ben asks Kevin if he's quitting being his arch enemy, and Kevin tells him that they'll have to see about that the next time they meet.

In Xingo Nation, Kevin walks through Biggie Box, and notices on TV that Xingo is getting cancelled. He transforms into Bootleg, and upgrades the TV. Xingo was able to hop from TV to TV, in different shows. Ben and Gwen soon runs into Kevin, who helped Xingo. Ben and Kevin fight each other, while Xingo hops from TV to TV. Xingo soon insults Kevin, making him mad. Ben and Kevin both finds out that they can hit Xingo from outside the TV. Kevin and Ben start hitting Xingo, forcing him to return to his original show. Lucky Girl soon comes on and Ben and Gwen watches it. Kevin leaves calling the show lame, but returns behind a store shelf, and watches it with them.

Heads of the family Kevin11-2.png

In Heads of the Family, Kevin appeared at the Tennyson family reunion. Ben notices him and they go fight each other in a forest near by. Kevin transforms into Crystalfist, and Ben transforms into Four Arms. Ben manages to send Kevin flying by hitting him with a tree. Kevin soon returns, only to see Ben's (as Heatblast) head swapped with Maurice. Kevin soon attacks them, and gets his head swapped with Sydney. Soon Max and Gwen arrives and everyone ends up getting their heads swapped rapidly. Ben eventually ends up with his head on Kevin's body. He soon gets an incoming call from his boss, Forever Knight. The Knight tells Kevin that they have work to do, but Ben (pretending to be Kevin) tells him that he's hanging with his family. To which Forever Knight laughs and tells him he has no family, and without him, he has no one. Ben feels bad for Kevin, and figures that's why he was at the reunion, he wanted to be around a family. Kevin and Ben soon switches bodies. Ben offers to let Kevin eat at the reunion, but Kevin disappears.

In My Bodyguard, Kevin was under Zombozo's mind control. Kevin is forced to attack Ben as Bashmouth. Ben (as Humungousaur) and Kevin both fight. Gwen soon finds out that Ben's cake can undo the mind control. Gwen and Ben soon smashes cake into Kevin's mouth. Kevin doesn't remember transforming into Bashmouth, and Gwen tells him that Zombozo hypnotized him. Ben and Kevin teams up and takes Zombozo out.

In Wheels of Fortune, Kevin teamed up with LaGrange. Kevin used Dark Matter's energy to enhance LaGrange's car's speed. Soon they both ran into Ben, and Kevin quickly steals Ben's shirt. Ben transformed right after into Cannonbolt to chase them. Kevin wanted to go for the big things, like the banks. LaGrange however traps Kevin using his car, unable for Kevin to stop supplying dark matter. XLR8 catches up to the two and gives Kevin the idea to transform into Quad Smack and break out. Ben requests his shirt back, but Kevin denies, telling him that if he helps take down LaGrange, he'll get his shirt back.

In Heat of the Moment, Kevin teamed up with the Weatherheads, and convinced them to turn on their emotions. Soon the Weatherheads attack Ben, and Kevin records a video of it. After Ben is through across a valley, Kevin transforms into Bashmouth to get revenge on Ben, however Gwen tricked him by pretending to throw a stick. Kevin later returns noticing that Gwen didn't throw the stick. He fights off Ben (who morphed into Slapback), alongside the Weatherheads. Soon the Weatherheads notice how humanly they've been acting, and turns off their emotions. They then chase after Kevin for convincing them to turn their emotions on.

Vin meeting Kevin

In Vin Diagram, Vin Ethanol finds Kevin trying to steal his engine. Kevin admits that he was stealing it, and Vin respects his honesty, so he teaches him about cars. Later on, Kevin runs into Ben, who thinks he's up to no good. Vin steps in and breaks up the fight. Vin tells Ben that he's teaching Kevin stuff about cars. Soon, Kevin goes Bootleg and upgrades Vin's car. During the race, Kevin puts innocent people in danger. Vin tires to stop him, but is unable to. After Kevin gets tired of the race, he transforms into Bashmouth and fights Ben, who transformed into Rath. Eventually Gwen was able to lure Kevin and Ben away from the racers using meat. After all of the action, Kevin leaves off, stating that Vin isn't that cool anyway.

In A Sticky Situation, Kevin allies with Anthony Roachisano. Kevin becomes a hero after Anthony tells him that he could be making a lot of money. Soon, Queen Bee robs a bank, and Kevin (currently as Wreckingbolt) breaks in, attempting to take her down. However he fails. Soon Ben shows up and Kevin tells him that he isn't getting all of the glory this time. Ben tries to tell him that making money is not what being a hero is all about, but Kevin ignores him, and punches him away. Soon Ben times out, and right before Kevin deals with him, Anthony Roachisano tells him to go easy on him. Kevin attacks Queen Bee as Hot Shot. But is easily taken down. Soon Queen Bee's vehicle breaks down, and leaks honey all over the room. Ben goes to save Kevin, from drowning, to which Kevin is angry about.

In The Bentathlon, Kevin appeared in an arena that Forever Knight hosted. He was forced to fight Ben. Forever Knight decided to raise the stakes, and put dangerous weapons in the arena, making it challenging for Ben and Kevin. A laser causes rocks to fall on Kevin (who was Quad Smack at the moment), but Ben (as Shock Rock) saved him. They both time out and Kevin asks why Ben always have to be the hero. Then Max and Gwen flies in with the copter. Ben offers for Kevin to come with him, but Kevin looks towards Forever Knight, and tells Ben he should get out of there while he could. Later on, Kevin asked Forever Knight what was the deal, and he could've fried him out there. Forever Knight responds saying "you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs".

In What Rhymes with Omnitrix?, Kevin was at a poetry hangout, and there he ran into Charmcaster. He questioned if she was making someone do her dirty work again, however she is there under different circumstances. Kevin goes on stage to cite his poem, but notices he didn't right any of the things in the book. He sees Ben booing at him, so he raps, dissing Ben in the process. After Kevin finishes, Ben comes on stage and begins to rap, however he was bad at it. Ben tackled Kevin off of the stage. Later they begun to fight each other, under Charmcaster's spell. Eventually they both break out of it. They are forced to team up in order to defeat Charmcaster. Kevin writes a poem for Charmcaster to site, and it forces all of her spells to be undone.

You Remind Me of Someone.png

In You Remind Me of Someone, Kevin planned to capture the Bojamboo, and sell him to area 51. However he ran into Ben. Both of them dropped their phones, and Kevin and Ben both fought each other. The Forgeti soon walked in. The Forgeti temporarily made Kevin and Ben forget themselves. Kevin was trying to recall who he was, until he looked at Ben's phone, who he thought was his at the moment. He figures out that he's supposed to be a hero, and he's related to Gwen and Max. He figures out what his plan was, to take a picture of the Bojamboo and prove it's fake to Gwen. He also learns about a guy named "Kevin" who shows up to ruin everything. After giving himself a Makeover, he runs into Ben, who he believes is Kevin. They start fighting each other, until Kevin hits Ben's watch. Ben transforms into Heatblast, confused on why he's on fire. Kevin realizes that his watch could do the same, and hits it. Transforming into Undertow. After setting the forest on fire, and a fight between Heatblast and Undertow, Kevin eventually turns into Bashmouth. Eventually Kevin and Ben are reminded of who they are, and Bashmouth and Rath charges at each other, and punches each other in the face.

Kevin, Ben, And Gwen Adrenaland Jr.png

In Adrenaland Jr., Kevin messes around with the park, making the rides dangerous with the use of Bootleg. Ben runs into him and fights him off. Soon, Gwen shows up and gets mad at Ben, and also Kevin due to him causing so much trouble with the park. Kevin explains that he never got the chance to go to an Adrenaland, due to his dad being an alcoholic who does nothing but sit around and watch TV. Ben decides to take Kevin on one of the rides. After the ride, all three of them had a good time. Ben shows them the picture taken of the ride, and Kevin balls it up. Kevin doesn't admit he had a good time, and walks off. Gwen looks towards him, hoping they got through to him. As the Tennysons leave, Kevin pulls out the image, and smiles.

In Steam Fight at the OK Corral, He teamed up with Steam Smythe take out Ben. He modernized Steam Smythe's Clocktopus. The two got into an argument eventually, and the Clocktopus is ultimately defeated by waterguns. Steam Smythe, however, had a back up plan, he managed to get the Clocktopus activated. Kevin gets excited to take out the Tennysons. Steam Smythe demands him to pull a lever. Kevin pulls it, and is sent flying out of the Clocktopus.

In I Don't Like You, Kevin and Ben had a baking war over social media. Eventually, it got out of hand, and turned into an actual fight. After making a big mess, the two cleans it up, competing who can clean up faster.

In Roundabout: Part 1, Kevin appeared on the ship alongside Charmcaster, Vin, Billy Billions, and Simon, to hear about Forever Knights plan. Kevin noticed Ben on the ship and got angry, however he was told to be quiet by Forever Knight. At a science lab, Kevin and Ben both transforms into their Kineceleran forms, to help create a time portal for Forever Knight. Soon the portal is sustained, and Forever Knight only needs on of them to accompany him. Forever Knight chooses Ben and Kevin gets angry, sick of Ben always getting the big jobs, when Kevin states he's clearly better. Kevin transforms into Bashmouth and fights Ben, alongside Charmcaster and Billy Billions. They area all taken out by Ben, and that proves to Forever Knight that Ben is worth more than all of them. Max, Gwen, and Phil lands in, and Kevin and the team are instructed to take care of the Tennyson family.

Kevin sacrifice to stop the knight.png

In Roundabout: Part 2, Kevin and Charmcaster were taking on Gwen. Soon Charmcaster catches attempts to kill Gwen, but Kevin (as Thornblade) saves her, and ties up Charmcaster. Gwen leaves to go help Ben, but Kevin offers to come with. Kevin and Gwen jumps through the time portal, and landed where Forever Knight and Ben were. Kevin states that he isn't there for Ben, and wants revenge on Forever Knight. Kevin and the Knight both fight each other. They jump through a portal again. Kevin questions why Forever Knight treated him bad, and states that he was the best fighter he had. Forever Knight replies telling Kevin that he was only a useless pawn. Eventually, they all end up in a time portal. Gwen, Ben, and Kevin tries to escape the Knight. Forever Knight demands for Kevin to bring him Ben. Gwen tries to tell Kevin that he's not a bad guy, but Kevin tells her that's where she's wrong. He then jumps down towards Forever Knight, yelling, "I'm the baddest you've ever seen!" The portal led Kevin and Forever Knight somewhere unknown.

In The Monsters in Your Head, Kevin teamed up with Dr. Animo, who promised to help him upgrade his watch. Ben, Gwen, and Max soon arrived, and were attacked by animals fused with Kevin's alien DNA. Kevin saves Ben from one of the animals. Ben questions how Kevin is here, after when they last encountered, Kevin was stuck in the time portal. Kevin states that it's a really long story, and explains that he teamed up with Dr. Animo to help upgrade his watch. However, he was betrayed. Ben and Kevin teams up to take out the mind-control units on the animals. Animo then uses his device to control Kevin (as Dark Matter). They are both soon defeated, and Kevin leaves with the Tennysons.

In The Greatest Lake, Kevin is revealed to be Hex's new apprentice, and is instructed to take out the Tennysons. After misusing his new powers, attempting to "test out new material", Hex strips him of his magic, forcing him to team up with Ben. Kevin, and the rest of the Tennysons team up to stop Hex and his lake monster. Hex is soon beaten by the four.

In Tales from the Omnitrix, Kevin appeared in Ben's story, where his watch was messing up due to them being linked. Kevin turns into Monster Kevin. Soon, Ben sacrifices his watch, saving Kevin and destroying the Antitrix. Kevin, in real life, joins into the story, stating that his watch returned because he would've made a new one anyway. He begins to rub it in Ben's face. In real life, Kevin is doing the same thing. The Tennysons are confused at Kevin's presence. Kevin takes a marshmallow bag, and runs off.

In Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie, Kevin's Antitrix begins acting up, changing him from alien to alien. Max and Gwen soon arrives, and offers to bring him to Phil, to get his watch fixed. Kevin agrees, and follows them. Later, Polar Twain and Solar Twain arrive at Phil's house, and Kevin fights them off as Dark Matter. Soon Max tells him that he's proud, which makes Kevin smile. Vilgax attacks, and Kevin recognizes him. Vilgax tries to take the Antitrix, but Kevin won't give it up. He then transforms into Quad Smack and fights Vilgax. Soon he is beaten, and the Antitrix is taken from him. He, Max, Phil, and Gwen all get in the Rust Bucket and drive away from Vilgax, who used the Antitrix to become AntiVilgax. Soon they are caught by AntiVilgax. Kevin begins to drive Glitch, saving everyone else from being destroyed by Vilgax. Soon, Glitch, is destroyed. Kevin is all alone with AntiVilgax, scared. Glitch then fuses with Kevin, giving him a technological armor. They both fight off Vilgax, who eventually terraforms the Earth.

Kevin's armor is soon destroyed, however, Kevin manages to reclaim his Antitrix, despite being too late as Vilgax already gained enough of his power. Kevin uses Bashmouth and Crystalfist to fight off Alien V but he is soon defeated. Kevin wanders off, whereabouts unknown.


At some point in an alternate future, Kevin became stuck as Humungoraptor ever since Ben 10,000 abandon him.

Powers and Abilities

Kevin seems to be remarkably smart since he was able to build the Antitrix with home materials.[10] He also added minor modifications, mutating and cross-contaminating the alien DNA contained within it,[DR 4] thereby making his alien forms stronger and nastier than Ben's.

Kevin had the ability to use magic, however this ability was taken back by Hex.[11]


Kevin is equipped with a powerful device called the Antitrix, a makeshift version of the Omnitrix, which can transform him into mutated fusions of Ben's aliens. It also contains alien DNA that Ben has not unlocked yet.

Kevin was equipped with the Tri-Fang until Fang managed to reclaim it.[12]

Kevin used to wear Glitch Armor, which he used to help defeat Vilgax. However, the armor was destroyed in battle.[6]


Since he has recently created the Antitrix, he has less experience than Ben and it makes it difficult for him to fully control his transformations. Furthermore, the alterations he made to the Antitrix makes his alien transformations unstable and unbalanced.

Kevin can be easily emotionally manipulated and provoked to anger, as evidenced when Ben called him out for not having anyone to go back to if he fails, which ends up driving him to finally join Forever Knight.[13]

Kevin is shown to not be a good climber, as he only managed to get a few feet off the ground.[14]

Like Ben, Kevin can easily get scared, as shown when they were scared off by the bear roar[15] and when he was all alone with AntiVilgax.[6]

Like every human, Kevin can be hypnotized by Zombozo.


Ben 10

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Video Games

Ben 10 Heroes

In the newest April 2020 version of the game, Kevin is a playable character.

Ben 10: Power Trip

Kevin is a playable character in the game through split-screen co-op.


  • The idea of Kevin having his own Omnitrix was an original concept that never got used in the Classic Series. However, the concept was brought back in the reboot.[DR 5]
    • Kevin possessing a red version of the Omnitrix and transforming into negative versions of Ben's aliens makes him similar to Albedo.
  • A potential Kevin 11 series spin-off would explain how he and Forever Knight escaped the time tunnel after the events Roundabout: Part 2.[DR 6]
  • Kevin watches Lucky Girl's show, having knowledge of the franchise and its merchandise. He also seems to be a fan of Xingo.[16]
  • Unlike Ben, Kevin can rap. [17]
  • Kevin probably suffers from PTSD as well as some degree of Oppositional Disorder. Ultimately Kevin’s got the potential of being a well contented kid who could contribute to society if he so chose.[DR 7]
    • Because of their awareness of this, Ben and Gwen keep trying to help him despite how difficult he makes it for them.[DR 8]
    • While Gwen has yet to return Kevin's clear romantic affections, she does have strong feelings for him, seeing him as akin to a lost pet and a possible project to work on improving.[DR 9]
  • Throughout the entire series after he was introduced, Kevin's last name was never spoken.
  • It’s implied that Kevin was unaware of the fact that his aliens were for the most part counterparts of Ben’s aliens. As he didn’t know Stinkfly was the same species as Skunkmoth.


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