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Kevin Levin is an antagonist in Season 3 of Ben 10.


Kevin is a thin and scrawny boy with shoulder-length black hair, pale skin and dark brown eyes, wearing a torn black T-shirt and a padlock necklace around his neck, blue jeans and black shoes with red at the bottom.

Kevin wears a brown Omnitrix-type device called the AntiTrix on his left wrist, with four metallic tubes sticking out of the dial and with the hourglass symbol replaced by a stylized red "K".


For reasons presently unclear, Kevin pursues Ben Tennyson and "gets in his way" whenever he tries to fight the mysterious Forever Knight.[1]


Kevin Levin was one of Ben's bullies, which caused Ben to have a fear of public restrooms, and why he wouldn't eat lunch for 3 months.

Kevin Levin had a dream about him having superpowers. His fufillment of his dream led him to inventing the AntiTrix.

Powers and Abilities

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He seems to be remarkebly smart, since he was able to build the AntiTrix, with home materials. And also add minor modifications, that makes his alien forms, stronger than Ben's.


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Since he has less experience than Ben, it's difficult for him to fully control his transformations. Also the alterations he made to the AntiTrix, makes his alien transformations, unstable and unbalanced.


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