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This article is about the episode. You might have been looking for Kevin Levin, or Kevin's first mutation.

Kevin 11 is the seventh episode of the first season of Ben 10, and seventh episode overall.


After a big argument with Max, Ben rebels by going out on his own in the Big Apple and makes friends with Kevin 11, who has plans for the Omnitrix.[CN 1]


The Tennysons check in to a fancy hotel in New York City. While inside, Ben spots a kiosk featuring the newest Sumo Slammer video game. He gets stopped by security, and Max tells him not to try to sneak back in. Ben disobeys him and turns into Ghostfreak. He flies in and starts playing the game until the security guard catches him, getting himself, along with Gwen and Max, thrown out of the hotel. Inside the Rustbucket, Ben and Max have a heated argument over Ben's inability to obey, along with him using the Omnitrix for himself and not caring to do anything else. Ben is punished and removed access to anything related to Sumo Slammers for two weeks. Ben angrily snaps back at Max, explaining that Max is not his father and can't tell him what to do, which Max is deeply stunned by those words. Ben storms into the back of the RV, and Max was about to snap back at Ben for the way he spoke to him, but Max decides to go back to the hotel to try and get his money back. As Gwen taunts Ben, he storms out of the RV, with Gwen following after him.

Levin (167)

Ben and Max argue

Ben winds up walking to an arcade. Ben tries some games but gets ripped off and complains about it. A dark-haired kid hanging around agrees with him. Ben makes him laugh with a joke, so he puts his hand to an arcade cabinet and causes it to fritz out and spit out all its tokens. Ben is amazed and introduces himself. The kid's name is Kevin. Ben asks if he wants to hang out, but Kevin sees mean-looking teenagers behind Ben and leaves. Some other teens block Kevin's way, and the ones behind grab him. Ben tries to step up and help but gets knocked back. Ben runs off behind a corner and transforms into XLR8, despite Gwen's protests. The teenagers threaten to hurt Kevin for the destruction of their hangout. XLR8 introduces himself. While the teens initially laugh at him, they become terrified when XLR8 beats them up at lightning pace. Outside the arcade, Gwen chastises Ben for using the Omnitrix, while Ben dismisses her. Kevin comes out, amazed by the "speed guy". Ben tells him XLR8's name and claims to be friends with him. Kevin offers Ben a tour of New York, while Gwen reminds him that Max will be furious. Ben doesn't care and follows Kevin, Gwen leaves him.

Levin (262)

Ben meets Kevin

As they tour the city, Ben asks about Kevin's power. Kevin says that he was born with it, that he can store and release any type of energy, whenever he wants. Meanwhile, Gwen gets back to the RV and finds an angry Max, demanding to know Ben's whereabouts, a question she is reluctant to answer. Kevin shows Ben where he lives: an abandoned subway station. He says that his family abandoned him for being a "freak", but he enjoys living alone. As Ben mentions sneaking in to play the Sumo Slammers game, Kevin gets an idea. That night, the two sneak into a closed warehouse, that recently got a shipment of the game. Kevin uses his powers to break in (but doesn't notice a silent alarm). As the boys revel in getting their hands on the game early, a SWAT team busts in and surrounds the place. To escape, Ben lets Kevin in on his secret, and transforms into Stinkfly. They fly out, with two helicopters chasing after them. They give chase around the Statue of Liberty and into Times Square until Stinkfly gets the idea to hide in a car-hauling truck in a tunnel. Once the truck has come out of the tunnel, Ben has detransformed and hidden himself from the helicopters. Now with time to breathe, Ben explains how the Omnitrix works to Kevin, and Kevin gets the idea that they should become partners. Ben agrees and shakes his hand.

Levin (709)

Stinkfly and Kevin escape the SWAT team

Meanwhile, Max is driving the RV, furiously looking for Ben while listening to the radio. Inside the subway system, Kevin brings Ben to a track. Kevin uses his powers to overcharge a track system, switching states. He explains to Ben that a train loaded with money will come down the track, and they can steal it if they make it crash into an incoming passenger train. Ben says he can't, hundreds of people will be killed. While Kevin is still excited for the idea, Ben puts his foot down, saying this is going way too far. Kevin turns angry. Ben turns into Heatblast. Quickly thinking, Kevin overloads the lights in the station, making it go dark; Heatblast being the only light source. Unable to see him coming, Kevin pounces Heatblast from behind and tries absorbing him. This causes Kevin's body to recoil and become half-Pyronite. Kevin, now on equal footing, fights with Heatblast and smiles as the two trains arrive. Quickly thinking, Heatblast melts the switcher, causing the tracks to switch back, and disappears. Kevin is upset, but figures he can at least use his new powers for revenge.

Levin (1326)

Kevin with Heatblast's powers

In the RV, Max and Gwen catch reports of fires in the subway. Max heads for the tracks. Heatblast is revealed to be hanging on top of the train, though having a difficult time hanging on, even more so when the train comes outside, and he turns back into Ben. The Rustbucket drives up alongside the train and rolls out a tarp for Ben to jump down to. Inside, Ben convinces Max to stop Kevin before he further misuses Heatblast's powers. Ben deduces Kevin went back to the gang of teenager's hideout. They find him there, torching the hideout and trapping the teens. He laughs in victory, but his powers suddenly disappear, and Ben lands behind him as Four Arms to taunt him. Kevin tries to kill the trapped teens, forcing Four Arms to grab him and get close enough so he can touch him and take his power. With four new arms of his own, Kevin brawls with Four Arms, while Max and Gwen help the teens. Kevin seems to be winning, but in a rush of energy from timing out, Four Arms beats up Kevin before turning back into Ben.

Levin (1474)

Four Arms fights Kevin

Kevin apologizes for going wild with power, and Ben offers him to join their group and become a good guy. Kevin takes the opportunity to grab Ben's arm and take the Omnitrix, but the Omnitrix sends out a defensive wave of energy that separates them and reverts Kevin back, forcing him to flee. The next morning while they are leaving New York City, Ben apologizes for all the trouble he caused. Max accepts his apology but tells Ben he has yet to earn back his trust. Meanwhile, Kevin privately discovers some of his alien powers aren't all gone.

Noteworthy Events[]

Major Events[]

Character Debuts[]

Minor Events[]

  • The Omnitrix demonstrates its self-defense mechanism for the first time.



Aliens Used[]

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Croatian Kevin 11 Kevin 11
Dutch Kevin 11 Kevin 11
French Kevin 11 Kevin 11
German Kevin 11 Kevin 11
Hungarian Kevin 11 Kevin 11
Italian Lo Strano Kevin The Strange Kevin
Polish Kevin Kevin
Portuguese (Br) Kevin 11 Kevin 11
Romanian Kevin 11 Kevin 11
Russian История с Кевином The Story with Kevin
Spanish (HA) Copiando Poderes Copying Powers
Spanish (Spain) Kevin 11 Kevin 11
Turkish Kevin 11 Kevin 11


Voice Actor Role(s)
Tara Strong Ben Tennyson
Meagan Smith Gwen Tennyson
Paul Eiding Max Tennyson
Dee Bradley Baker Stinkfly
Gang Member #1
Cop #2
Steve Blum Heatblast
Radio Announcer
Jim Ward XLR8
Hotel Guard
Richard McGonagle Four Arms
Cop #1
Michael Reisz Kevin Levin
Mikey Kelley Attendant
Helicopter Pilot
Gang Member #2



  • In many shots, the Omnitrix's dial faces the wrong way.
  • In one shot, the cat logo on Gwen's shirt is missing.
  • When Ben is about to transform into XLR8, the Omnitrix's core doesn't pop up.
  • In one shot after Ben and Kevin enter Kevin's hideout, the Omnitrix's dial is completely green.
  • Before Ben and Kevin enter the warehouse, the colors on the Omnitrix's dial are reversed. This occurs again when the helicopters shine lights on them.
  • When Ben and Kevin are stealing the Sumo Slammers game from the warehouse, two police officers come in to stop them. Kevin defeats one but the other one just disappears from the scene.
  • Heatblast manages to stay on the train by melting a handhold in it. When he reverts, Ben is still holding it, and the metal is somehow cool enough that he is not burned.
  • In one shot, the collar part on Gwen's shirt is up to her face.
  • When Ben falls on the Rustbucket, the Omnitrix is red and white.
  • When Ben is about to turn into Four Arms, the floor of the Rustbucket looks different.
  • When Kevin turns into a Tetramand, he loses his padlock. After he becomes Kevin again, the padlock is hanging on his neck again.
  • In one shot, Tetramand Kevin has five fingers on his hand instead of four.



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