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In Ken 10, a 43-year-old Kevin escapes the Null Void with the help of his son, Devlin, and says that during his time there, he absorbed the power of other aliens trapped with him, 11,000 at least, becoming Kevin 11,000.



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While Devlin was out in the real world, he turns into a mutated form that resembles his father's 11 year old form and looks for the Null Void chamber to free his dad. The 2nd try that Devlin did is trick Ken to find the chamber.

Powers and Abilities


  • This mutant form does not have the same set-back as his first mutant form did due to him having mastered his absorbing powers and having absorbed all of the DNA and energy of the aliens and monsters he absorbed, including their life force. In addition, Kevin can now shift between his human and mutant form at will and retains certain powers in his human form, such as enhanced speed and strength.
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