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I guess I should thank you. With all that time in the Null Void, I was able to absorb a few tricks from all the aliens you locked in there with me.

– Kevin to Ben 10,000 right before transforming into his mutant form.[1]

Kevin 11,000 is the mutation that 43-year-old Kevin has assumed in his adulthood after absorbing the powers of at least 11,000 aliens imprisoned in Null Void.


Part of Kevin 11,000 shares elements with Kevin 11, with legs belonging to Four Arms and secondary arms resembling Wildmutt. However, this mutation is drastically different.

Kevin's head is very similar to Heatblast's, but more monstrous in appearance and is surrounded in flames.

Kevin's left arm resembles Four Arms but with a hand belonging to Wildmutt and a black tentacle protruding from the elbow. The tentacle has green circuit-like patterns similar to Upgrade, and blue stripes near the tip echoing XLR8's tail. His right arm is a tentacle patterned after Heatblast's body.

Kevin's wings are uneven, as his right wing resembles Stinkfly's while his left wing resembles a Null Guardian's but with a structure resembling Heatblast's body.

Kevin had a set of Null Guardian tentacles protruding from his back under his wings and wears the same Rooters suit as Kevin.


Ben 10[]

In the future, Kevin had been trapped in the Null Void for 32 years. While he was there, Kevin had been absorbing around 10,989 other aliens to acquire their powers. During one of his breakouts, Kevin had a relationship with a woman from a Saturn colony and fathered a son named Devlin.[pop-up 1][1] He tricked his own son into believing that he was reformed and that he wanted to "spend some quality time with his son", and that all he had to do was to find and open the Null Void Projector.

After Devlin tricked Ken Tennyson into showing him where the Null Void Projector was, Devlin opened the projector, releasing Kevin. When Ben 10,000 found out, Kevin showed his true form. Kevin proved to be more than a match for both Ben, and Ken. When Devlin found out that he was tricked by his own father, Devlin decided to team up with the Tennysons and fight his father.

When Ben witnessed Kevin beating up Ken and knocking him unconscious, he transformed into Way Big and beat up Kevin. When Ben and Ken walked away, Kevin got back up, proclaiming that, that was nothing. Eventually, Ken managed to toss a Null Void egg right underneath Kevin, trapping Kevin inside the bomb, and sending him back to the Null Void.

Powers and Abilities[]

Kevin 11,000 could transform between his human and mutant forms at will. His human form does not prevent him from exhibiting powers, as human Kevin could move at a Kineceleran speeds, had enough strength to completely shatter Ken's Pet by stomping it, and could absorb electricity from Max's robotic arm.

Being part-Galvanic Mechamorph, Kevin 11,000 was able to generate electricity.

Being part-Loboan, Kevin 11,000 was able to scream sonic howls powerful enough to crack Diamondhead's skin.[pop-up 1][1]

Kevin 11,000 could fly or simply levitate, as he did not always need to flap his Lepidopterran wings to fly.

Kevin 11,000 had an incredible amount of physical strength, which came from a multitude of species, one of them being Tetramand. He displayed this strength when he easily knocked back Devlin in his mutant form (who likely had an identical strength level to Kevin 11), shattered crates that were bigger than him, temporarily defeating Ben 10,000, and the aforementioned stomp in human form.

Kevin 11,000 also possessed an incredible amount of enhanced durability, which also came from a multitude of species. Kevin survived all of the combined attacks of Ken, his son, and Ben 10,000, up until the latter's extreme pummeling as Way Big.

Being part-Null Guardian, Kevin 11,000 had prehensile tentacles.


K10 (450)

Electricity Vulnerability

Kevin 11,000 is vulnerable to electricity, as shown when he was shocked by the combination of Spitter's liquid and Buzzshock's electricity.


Ben 10[]

Season 4[]


  • This mutant form does not have the same setbacks as Kevin 11 did due to him having mastered his absorbing powers. Additionally, between his time spent in the Null Void and Ben 10,000 sending so many aliens there, Kevin 11,000 has more alien DNA than Ben.[pop-up 1][1]
  • Kevin 11,000 was designed by Thomas Perkins.[TP 1]
    • Out of all of Kevin's mutations in the Classic Continuity, Kevin 11,000 is Thomas' favorite.[TP 2]



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