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Kevin 11,000 is the mutation that 43-year-old Kevin has assumed in his adulthood after absorbing the powers of at least 11,000 aliens imprisoned in Null Void.


Part of Kevin 11,000 resembles Kevin's first major mutation, what with having legs belonging to Four Arms and secondary arms resembling Wildmutt. However, this mutation is drastically different.

Kevin's head looks like Ghostfreak's skull positioned right-side-up and surrounded by Heatblast's flames.

Kevin's left arm resembles Four Arms but with a hand belonging to Wildmutt and a black tentacle protruding from the elbow. The tentacle has green circuit-like patterns similar to Upgrade, and blue stripes near the tip echoing XLR8's tail. His right arm is a tentacle patterned after Heatblast's body.

Kevin's wings are uneven, as his right wing resembles Stinkfly's while his left wing resembles a Null Guardian's but with a structure resembling Heatblast's body.

Kevin has a set of Null Guardian tentacles protruding from his back under his wings, and wears the same jumpsuit as Kevin.


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In Ken 10, Kevin transformed into Kevin 11,000 to fight Ben 10,000 after escaping the Null Void. Ben is later joined by Ken Tennyson, who was able to activate the Master Control using Grey Matter, as well as Kevin's own son Devlin Levin.

When Kevin 11,000 defeated Ken and Devlin, he was suddenly overpowered by an enraged Way Big, forcing Kevin to revert. Kevin was about to transform again when Devlin trapped him in a Null Void egg.

Powers and Abilities

  • Sonic Howl
  • Tentacles
  • Flight
  • Electrokinesis

Some of the abilities that Kevin 11,000 has access to include:

Unlike his other mutations from when he was younger, Kevin can now shift between his human and mutant forms at will. He can also utilize certain powers in his human form.


Ben 10

Season 4


  • This mutant form does not have the same set-back as his first mutant form did due to him having mastered his absorbing powers and having absorbed all of the DNA and energy of the aliens and monsters he absorbed, including their life force.
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