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...I've never been saner.

– Kevin while battling Swampfire.[1]

This is the mutation 17-year-old Kevin underwent in Weapon XI: Part 2.


17-year-old Mutant Kevin's face resembles Shocksquatch's, but had red eyes, Kevin's hair, Whampire's mouth, a crest belonging to both Shocksquatch and Ball Weevil, and Feedback's antennae.

His upper right arm belongs to Bloxx, his upper left arm belongs to Gravattack, his lower right arm belongs to Astrodactyl, and his lower left arm resembles The Worst's, but with sharper claws.

His torso mostly resembles Shocksquatch's, with pieces of both Bloxx and Gravattack near the shoulders, has Crashhopper's legs. He also has an uneven set of wings on his back, with a left wing belonging to Pesky Dust and a right wing belonging to Astrodactyl.

Mutant Kevin wears pants resembling Kevin's Rooter uniform. He retains his voice, albeit distorted.


Kevin is shown to be having better control over this mutation than others, as he intentionally betrayed Servantis, freed the Amalgam Kids from his mind control, and reverted back to his conventional form.


During Weapon XI: Part 2, Kevin touched the Omnitrix symbol on Gutrot to turn into this most recent mutation and battled Swampfire until he timed out. Ben exploited a weakness in this mutation by kicking Kevin's legs and knocking him down. However, Ben was caught by Helen and they brought Ben to Servantis.

Before he could put Ben inside a device that would destroy him and the Omnitrix at the same time, Kevin suddenly grabbed Servantis and destroyed his loyalty neuro-matrix with a headbutt, locking him out from the Amalgam Kids' minds forever. After using Feedback's abilities to give Alan, Helen, and Manny their memories back, Kevin reveals to Ben that he did that to get in close with Servantis before returning to normal.

Powers and Abilities

Kevin retains his energy absorption. The prior "jolt" from Servantis allowed him to maintain his sanity in this form.

Mutant Kevin was shown to have access to Gravattack's gravikinesis, Ball Weevil's plasma balls, Astrodactyl's energy whips, and Feedback's electrokinesis during his fight with Swampfire.

When he betrayed Servantis, Mutant Kevin utilized Feedback's elastic antennae to sever his control over the Amalgam Kids.

Mutant Kevin possesses Crashhopper's enhanced jumping.

Mutant Kevin possesses both Bloxx's and Gravattack's enhanced strength as demonstrated when he pin Swampfire against a wall.


Because he had Crashhopper's legs, hitting Mutant Kevin's legs correctly will make him move backwards. 



Season 6


  • Mutant Kevin's gravitational aura, plasma balls, internal star power, and electric waves are all colored red, whereas these abilities are usually colored green (or blue, in Feedback's case) when used by the aliens this form is made from.
  • This is the only one of Kevin's Omnitrix DNA Hybrid Mutations not to possess a tail.


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