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This is the mutation 12-year-old Kevin underwent in the flashback portion of Weapon XI: Part 2.


12-year-old Mutant Kevin's appearance was similar to, yet different, from his first major mutation from when he was 11.

His face retained Kevin's structure and hair but had two-toned skin similar to Frankenstrike, with the skin itself being both dark green like Wildvine and a lighter green like Perk Upchuck. He also had a right eye belonging to Blitzwolfer, a left eye belonging to Eye Guy, a mouth belonging to Perk Upchuck, and a head fin and chin eyes similar to Way Big.

His body most resembled Cannonbolt's but with a back and fins belonging to Arctiguana, eggplant bombs similar to Wildvine's, a lower chest with sensory nodes belonging to Ditto, bandages similar to Snare-oh's, and shoulders resembling Frankenstrike's.

His arms had lower parts belonging to Cannonbolt covered with Eye Guy's eyes and spikes resembling the ones on Wildvine's body. They also had fingers resembling Wildvine's tentacles, and upper parts resembling Frankenstrike's. He also had Ditto's legs and a large tail resembling Perk Upchuck's. He wore Kevin's pants and a crown resembling Snare-oh's.


In Weapon XI: Part 2, 12 year old Kevin turned into this mutation after touching 11 year old Eye Guy's Omnitrix symbol. Kevin went insane and started to attack everyone, trapping XLR8, Gwen, Grandpa Max, Helen, Manny, and Alan in vines. However, Kevin was knocked out by Argit, and was reverted into his normal form, before being taken back to the Null Void.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strong Optic Beams
  • Chlorokinesis
  • Explosive Fruit Pods
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Sharp Claws
  • Loud Roar

Mutant Kevin had access to Eye Guy's energy beams, which he struck Alan and almost struck Max and Manny with.

Mutant Kevin possessed enhanced strength, as shown when he punched the ground. He was also able to trap the Tennysons and his own teammates using Wildvine's chlorokinesis.

Mutant Kevin possessed enhanced durability, as he seemed unfazed from Gwen's mana attacks.

Mutant Kevin tried to take out everyone "with one blast"; seeing as how it looked like he was about to eat a rock, it is strongly implied that he was going to use Perk Upchuck's solid matter ingestion and explosive vomits.

Although he never trained himself to do so, Mutant Kevin had access to Ditto's duplication ability.[DJW 1]


Mutant Kevin is vulnerable to Argit's quills.


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  • Out of all of Kevin's mutations in the Classic Continuity, 12-year-old Mutant Kevin is Derrick J. Wyatt's favorite.[DJW 1]


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