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Kevin's Big Score is the fourth episode of the first season of Ben 10: Alien Force, and the fourth episode overall.


Ben and Gwen are finally starting to trust Kevin when Kevin steals the Rustbucket and tries to swap it for some alien tech from Argit! Argit then steals the Rustbucket from Kevin and runs away. Ben and Gwen must learn to trust a flawed teammate as they help Kevin claim the important alien tech he is desperately after and face off with one of Ben's old foes, Vulkanus.[CN 1]


KBS (6)

Argit's debut

Argit, an alien con-artist, meets Kevin in an alleyway to discuss a piece of alien tech Kevin has been looking for, only for Kevin to find out that Argit doesn't have it. As Kevin begins to drive away, Argit tells him that he knows who has it, but it may cost him.

KBS (45)

Ben holding a picture of himself, Gwen and Max

Later that evening, Kevin offers to repair Max's RV, the Rustbucket 2, accompanied by Ben and Gwen who look at photos from when they were 10. When Kevin is finished, Gwen tries to go into the motor home, only to have Kevin stop her. Gwen and Ben wait patiently and are confused as they watch Kevin enter the Rustbucket 2, only to be shocked when Kevin speeds away from them in the RV. Ben attempts to stop him by transforming into a new alien, Big Chill, only to have Kevin evade him in the now amped RV. As Kevin gets away, Gwen is able to catch up with Ben and is slightly impressed when Ben tells her what happened. Using her powers, Gwen is able to track and find Kevin.

Meanwhile, Kevin pulls over to the side of the road to meet up with Argit and shows him the RV he wants to trade for the alien technology he wants. After looking it over, Argit says that its worthless, but takes it back as soon as he sees the large amount of alien tech installed into the motor home. In a surprising twist, Argit betrays Kevin by shooting his quills at him, temporary paralyzing Kevin, and stealing the Rustbucket 2 for himself. As Argit drives away, Kevin is able to move just enough to absorb the concrete ground and regain his strength. He then throws a boulder at the far-off RV, which Argit quickly avoids. As soon as Gwen and Ben locate Kevin, Ben confronts him and begins to tell him off only to find out that Kevin had hidden a tracking device in the undercarriage and was able to track it using his Plumber badge. Following the tracking signal, Kevin, Gwen, and Ben are led to a warehouse, where they find the RV completely stripped, much to Ben's anger. Ben demands Kevin not walk away from him only for Kevin to ask Ben if he is going to fight him.

Suddenly, the team hears someone coming and hide, only to see Argit walk through the door and into the Rustbucket 2 to retrieve a piece of alien tech he forgot. As he begins to leave, Argit is confronted by Ben, Gwen, and Kevin, all ready for a fight. Argit busts through the window and begins to run away, with the team right on his tail. Ben quickly slaps the Omnitrix down, transforming himself into Echo Echo and using his powers corner Argit in an alleyway. Thinking quickly, Argit shoots his quills at the many Echo Echos, hitting all but one and also hitting Gwen and Kevin. As Argit prepared to shoot the last Echo Echo, he quickly multiplied himself and used his powers to create a wall of sound, sending Argit's quills back at him. When Argit wakes up, he finds himself tied up and with his quills glued to his head. When confronted, Argit tells Ben and Gwen that they can't trust Kevin, which Ben begins to agree with. Kevin, angered, storms off, saying that he is done with both him and Gwen.

KBS (567)

Vulkanus' real appearance

After hitching a ride on the back of a truck, Kevin arrives at the lair of Vulkanus, who supposedly had the alien tech Kevin wanted. From an earlier experience, Kevin left Vulkanus at the mercy of the Plumbers, bailing on him. He was charged with possession of some counterfeit isotopes. Vulkanus refuses to make a deal with Kevin, until Kevin says he will do anything. Still bitter, Vulkanus uses a machine that restrains and forces Kevin to uncontrollably absorb a rare living gem called Taydenite, causing Kevin to grow in size and develop crystalline spikes on his back that Vulkanus's workers immediately begin mining. As Vulkanus reveals his intent to use Kevin as a living gem mine, Ben, as Big Chill, and Gwen arrive to save Kevin. Big Chill ends up destroying Vulkanus' suit by phasing through and freezing it brittle, revealing he's actually a tiny alien in a robotic suit. Gwen frees Kevin and makes him stop absorbing and removing the Taydenite he's already absorbed. As the heroes are about to leave the battle scene, Kevin remembers the reason he came and retrieves the piece of alien tech he was looking for, which happens to be another Holo-Viewer that contains a message from Max, telling Ben that he needs to put together a team of other Plumber's kids.

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Ben: That whole summer was incredible, remember Gwen? Hero time, all the time, Kevin was still a bad guy.
Kevin: Let it go Tennyson! I know you're here to keep an eye on me.
Gwen: (to Kevin) It's sweet that you wanted to fix up the Rustbucket 2.

Kevin: (Kevin stands in front of the Rustbucket 2 door) Not yet!
Ben: Still not buying the nice guy act, Kevin! (Kevin closes the door before Ben finishes speaking)
Gwen: Ben!

Kevin: (Big Chill is following Kevin) Nice try but tonight, you're minding your own business. (Kevin shoots web and traps Big Chill)

Ben: (Gwen appears) He got away.
Gwen: Woah! I mean, oh no!
Ben: How could I let my guard down? He's a liar and a thief.
Gwen: That was the old Kevin. He's different now. We're different too. (pulls out handkerchief) I can track him from this.
Ben: You kept his sweaty handkerchief?
Gwen: (tracking Kevin) Got him!

Kevin: Think your guy will take it?
Argit: Oh yeah, if he ever got the chance!

Kevin: The Rustbucket's all I have to bargain with!
Argit: You should've held out on me buddy.

Ben: Creep's got a point, you're always up to something. Self-serving, shifty, always working some kind of angle, always a thief! (Kevin looks angrily at Ben) Well, what do you have to say for yourself?
Kevin: You know what, Tennyson? I don't have to explain myself to you! (walks toward Gwen and talks softer) Or you either. I'm done with both of you! (leaves)

Vulkanus: Kevin Levin, I don't know if I should trade with you or tear you to pieces! Remember that counterfeit isotope scam a few years back?
Kevin: Yeah...sorry 'bout that.
Vulkanus: You left me holding the bag, and at the mercy of the Plumbers. I escaped, but now I'm stuck swapping level 3 tech to get by, thanks to you!
Kevin: Ancient history. I'm here to make a deal.

Vulkanus: You're in a bad position to make demands.
Big Chill: He would be if he were alone but he's with us.
Kevin: You followed me?
Big Chill: That whole "get mad and storm off" act? Please.
Vulkanus: You have friends? Had friends.

Vulkanus: You wouldn't be fighting if you know what he did to me.
Big Chill: He stole. He ran. That's Kevin.

Kevin: I've done stuff that I'm not proud of. Stuff that if you knew, you'd probably never trust me again.

Ben: It's not what you've done that matters, but what you're going to.

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
French Kévin Règle ses Comptes Kevin Settles a Score
Hungarian Kevin Nagy Pontszáma Kevin's Big Score
Italian La Grande Rivincita di Kevin Kevin's Big Revenge
Polish Dług Kevina Kevin's Debt
Portuguese (Br) Uma Artimanha do Kevin A Trick of Kevin
Romanian Scorul Cel Mare al lui Kevin Kevin's High Score
Russian Крупная Сделка Кевина Kevin's Big Deal
Spanish (HA) La Gran Hazaña de Kevin The Great Achievement of Kevin
Spanish (Spain) El Gran Logro de Kevin The Great Achievement of Kevin


Voice Actor Role(s)
Yuri Lowenthal Ben Tennyson
Ashley Johnson Gwen Tennyson
Greg Cipes Kevin Levin
Dee Bradley Baker Big Chill
Echo Echo
Pickaxe Aliens
Paul Eiding Max Tennyson
John DiMaggio Vulkanus
Alexander Polinsky Argit



  • Several of the weapons shown in the Rustbucket 2 are references to other sci-fi franchises, these include the M41A Pulse Rifle from the Alien franchise and the DC-15A Blaster from the Star Wars franchise.


  • The closed captions on the Ben 10 Alien Force: Volume 1 DVD misspell Octagon Vreedle's name as "Octagon Friedle" and Taydenite as "Taedenite".
  • When Ben looks at the photo, the horizontal stripes on his jacket are gone. This error occurs again in one shot when the team meets up after Argit steals the Rustbucket 2, and near the end of the episode.
  • Big Chill's hologram faces away from Ben.
  • During Big Chill's pursuit of Kevin, Kevin uses the same button to activate all the Rustbucket's mechanisms.
  • Big Chill turns invisible in this episode, which, according to Dwayne McDuffie, was just an error.
  • When Kevin falls off a cliff, there is no fan in the Rustbucket. However, when Argit inspects the dashboard later, a fan is present.
  • When Gwen tracks Kevin using his handkerchief, the vertical white stripe on Ben's jacket is black.
  • When the Echo Echo clones merge back into one, Argit's quill in the sleeping clone is green.
  • When Ben wakes up after being tranquilized and stretches, the Omnitrix is missing from his wrist.
  • Vulkanus breaks his armor's hand while fighting Big Chill, but it is shown to be intact when Big Chill freezes the suit.


  • Octagon Vreedle is mentioned for the first time by Argit at the beginning of the episode, foreshadowing his existence.
  • When Kevin uncontrollably absorbed Taydenite, he was only covered in it and did not actually become it.[DM 1]
  • Matt Wayne wrote the outline of this episode around May 2007.[MW 1]
    • Out of all the episodes he wrote, this is his least favorite as he had to redo the first act to make the action more to the point.[MW 2]
  • The episode used some episodes of The Rockford Files as a template.[MW 3]
  • The fight scene between Ben, Gwen, Kevin and Argit was storyboarded by LeSean Thomas.[LT 1][LT 2]
    • In the storyboards, Ben is shown wearing a hoodie. Also, Echo Echo is depicted with one of his concept designs instead of his final design.


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