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Ken 10 is the tenth episode of the fourth season of Ben 10, and the forty-ninth episode overall.


We're back in the future with Ben 10K, and this time he has a son, Ken. On Ken's tenth birthday, Ben gives him his very own Omnitrix. Ben must come to learn to trust Ken with the power of the Omnitrix. Along the way, Ken befriends a kid named Devlin. Devlin turns out to be Kevin 11's son and was merely using Ken so he could break his dad out of the Null Void. Ben 10K and Ken then team up to take down Kevin 11. As for Devlin, he comes to realize his dad is a jerk, and realizes the error of his ways. He's able to redeem himself, proving he's a good kid and joining forces with "Team Tennyson."[CN 1]


In a possible future, Four Arms is fighting Vulkanus and transforms back into Ben 10,000 and places Vulkanus in a Null Void Containment Egg. Ben 10,000 then transforms into XLR8 and runs off to his headquarters.

When he arrives, his son, Ken is celebrating his 10th birthday. Ben 10,000 gives Max Vulkanus's Null Void Containment Egg to place into the Null Void. Ken explains to his party guests about what Ben does. Gwendolyn arrives in a hologram and gives Ken a rock creature as a pet. Ken blows out the candles on his cake and opens presents. Max gets him a hoverboard and he gets several other toys. Finally, Ben comes and gives Ken his gift: which is an Omnitrix that comes pre-loaded with 10 aliens and a limiter, which Ken doesn't like.

An alarm rings and both Tennysons transform into XLR8. The XLR8s run off and fight Sploot. XLR8 (Ben 10,000) transforms into Cannonbolt while XLR8 (Ken) gets stuck in slime. Cannonbolt transforms into Heatblast, and then transforms back into Ben 10,000 before getting Sploot with a Null Void Containment Egg. Diamondhead fights Mot Snikrep as a boy watches on a screen. Diamondhead transforms into Spitter and Ken as Buzzshock attacks as well. Buzzshock is about to defeat Mot Snikrep, but Arctiguana freezes him before Buzzshock can win. At HQ, Ben 10,000 gives Max Snikrep's Null Void Containment Egg. Ken is upset because Ben didn't let him do anything. Ben says that Ken's job is to watch and learn.

Ken storms off on his hoverboard. He rides with another boy, Devlin, and they compete to do tricks. Ken transforms into Wildvine to win. Afterwards, the boys become friends. That night, an alarm goes off because someone is attacking HQ. The door blows up and it is Kevin 11.

Ben sends Ken away, believing Kevin too dangerous to fight. Ben transforms into Four Arms, who walks off to fight. Four Arms and Kevin fight and Four Arms transforms into Cannonbolt. Ken, in his room, notices a vent. Cannonbolt transforms into XLR8 in the Null Void chamber. XLR8 tells Kevin that he moved the Projector and readies an egg. Grey Matter comes out of the vent, but he reverts back into Ken. XLR8 is surprised to see him. Kevin leaves and Snare-oh gets Ken out of the vent. Ken gets angry at Ben and storms off. The next day, Ken and Devlin speak about their dads. Devlin suggests that he and Ken find the Null Void projector and they fly off. They go to the Rustbucket after Max gets out and walks away. They sneak in and look for the Projector, which Ken believes is in the Rustbucket. Ken transforms into Ditto and creates clones to look for the Projector. Outside, Gwendolyn tells Ben that he needs to give Ken a chance to earn his trust. One of the Dittos finds the room with the Projector and he, Devlin, and Ken's pet go in. Devlin mutates into his mutant form and releases his father just in time for Ken to arrive. Kevin runs up to and grabs Ditto, who reverts back into Ken, and he reveals that being imprisoned in the Null Void was the best thing that ever happened to him as he has now absorbed the powers of 11,000 aliens and transforms into an even more monstrous form than before. Kevin mercilessly attacks Ben, Ken and even his own son Devlin, who asks that his father spares their lives. While Ben takes the fight outside, Ken has an idea to defeat Kevin.

Ben transforms into Four Arms, and he still fights Kevin, but as before Kevin weakens Four Arms, who transforms back into Ben. Ken transforms into Grey Matter to enter and later transforms into Spitter and then transforms into Buzzshock. After Buzzshock transforms back into normal, Ken reveals he used Grey Matter's brain to remove the Omnitrix's limiter; no limiter, no timing out. Kevin grabs Ken and says that it still won't save him. Kevin is about to throw Ken, but Devlin comes in to defend him. Devlin explains why he freed Kevin - he wished his father would have cared about seeing his son again, but instead finds that he only cares about killing the Tennysons. Devlin cries upon this realization but then resumes fighting against his father. Ken transforms into XLR8. Devlin and XLR8 are thrown away and XLR8 transforms back into Ken who passes out.

Ben wakes up and sees what happened to Ken, enraging him. Ben transforms into Way Big and mercilessly crushes Kevin, who transforms back to normal and Way Big transforms back into Ben, but Kevin is still capable of standing. Kevin is about to attack Ben and Ken again, but Devlin imprisons Kevin in a Null Void Grenade. Max states that he has a 'special place' reserved for Kevin so that he can't absorb any more alien DNA. Ken asks Ben if he can use all ten thousand of his heroes, but Ben says not to push his luck.

Devlin is about to leave until Ben nods to Max, who grabs the boy. When Devlin asks if they will throw him in the Null Void too, Ken opposes this by standing in front of Devlin and Max and Ben say that they could do that or Devlin can stay with them and be part of their family, so Devlin becomes part of the Tennyson family. Later, Ken's rock pet regenerates and is alive again making him happy.

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Four Arms: (about Vulkanus) I do not have time for this. There's no way I'm missing another one of his birthdays, so I'd appreciate it if you just chill out in the Null Void! (reverts back to his human form and sends Vulkanus to the Null-Void)
Ben 10,000: Some scum just can't take a hint. (turns into XLR8)
(XLR8 runs to his HQ and reverts to his human form)
Ben 10,000: Told you I wouldn't miss your birthday.
(Ken sees him and hugs him)
Ken: Thanks, Dad.
Ben 10,000: You only turn 10 once.
Ken's Friends: Happy birthday, Kenny!

Kevin: Hello, son.
Devlin: Hey, dad.

Kevin: (laughs manically, but is suddenly crushed by a tremendous fist; camera zooms out to reveal Way Big)
Way Big: How dare you! (with no mercy, he starts rapidly slamming his fists on Kevin)

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Croatian Ken 10 Ken 10
Hungarian Ken 10 Ken 10
Italian 10 Eroi per Ken 10 Heroes for Ken
Polish Ken 10 Ken 10
Portuguese (Br) Ken 10 Ken 10
Romanian Ken 10 Ken 10
Russian Приключения Кена Ken's Adventures
Spanish (HA) Ken 10 Ken 10
Spanish (Spain) Ken Ten Ken Ten


Voice Actor Role(s)
Tara Strong Ken Tennyson
Gwendolyn Tennyson
Paul Eiding Max Tennyson
Jim Ward XLR8
Richard McGonagle Four Arms
Fred Tatasciore Ben 10,000
Way Big
Richard Horvitz Grey Matter
Maxatomar Kid
Charlie Schlatter Devlin Levin
Kevin Levin
Rob Paulsen Ditto



  • All the children who attend Ken's birthday party previously made cameos in Ben 10,000 and seem to have not aged since then, due to their models being reused.
  • The party is for Ken's 10th birthday, yet his cake is erroneously depicted with 11 candles.
  • The closed captions on the Ben 10: The Complete Season 4 DVD misspell Diamondhead's name as "Diamond Head".
  • When Ken rides his hoverboard after leaving Ben 10,000's headquarters, there is no gap between the sides of the Omnitrix's dial.
  • When Ben protects Ken from Devlin's mutant form, his left sleeve is shown to be torn above his elbow from the attack, but when he prepares to face mutant Devlin, his sleeve appears to be only torn below his elbow.
  • When Four Arms throws mutant Devlin, his back is drawn incorrectly.
  • Ken gets angry at Ben for not telling him that the Null Void containment unit was moved, despite the fact that it was moved after Animo broke in, which happened before Ken was born.
  • When Kevin 11,000 is seen on top of the Null Void containment unit, he has white lines on his shoes.
  • In some shots, Kevin 11,000's toes are red. Other times, they are grey.
  • When Four Arms punches Kevin 11,000, he has five tentacles.
  • Even though Ken was able to remove the limiter from the Omnitrix, it times out after he is knocked out by Kevin 11,000.
  • Before Way Big slams his fist on Kevin 11,000, he has seven tentacles.
  • When Ben picks up Ken after crushing Kevin 11,000, Ken's Omnitrix's dial faces the wrong way. This error occurs again when Ken and Devlin fist bump at the end of the episode.
  • When Ben ruffles Ken's hair, the colors of Ken's Omnitrix's dial are reversed.



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