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Karl w/a K is a mutant green latern fish-like monster that disguises himself into a human, like his twin brother Carl w/a C that first appear in Scared Silly.


Human form


Karl is a grown man with long grey hair, a closed eye that doesn't open, wears a brown suit and tie, and carries a three candleholder.

Monster Form

His true form has the appearance of a humanoid lantern fish , He is green and blue like his human form he also closes one of his eyes.


He is kind of friendly at first, but when he turned into a monster he starts to make objects float in the air and destroy the Tennysons, but thanks to Wildvine he destroys the orb and karl weakens.


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Powers and Abilities

He can disguise himself as either a human or monster, and he can do gravikinesis.


If his orb is destroyed, Karl is weakened.


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