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Juryrigg is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Planchaküle from the planet Aul-Turrhen.[merchandise 1]


Juryrigg is a small, red alien who bears a close resemblance to a goblin. He is small in stature, only about as big as a human head.

In Ultimate Alien, Juryrigg wore the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

In Omniverse, Juryrigg now wears an aviator's outfit which comes with an ascot. His skin tone has changed from orange-red to a more crimson-red and is much smoother. His eyes now have black pupils, his ears are now spiked, and his nose is bigger. He also has a spike on his chin and one near each of his eyes. The Omnitrix symbol is now on his waist.


Juryrigg has a strong desire to break and remake machines, making him difficult to control.

Juryrigg has a mischievous (and twisted) sense of humor, as seen when he turned Will Harangue into an alien as punishment for all the smear campaigns and crimes he committed against Ben and other aliens.[1]

Juryrigg has several catchphrases, such as "Juryrigg disassemble!", "FIX FIX FIX FIX FIX!", and "Reassemble, disassemble!"

Powers and Abilities

  • Machinery Disassembly/Technological Expertise
  • Technological Repairment/Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Wall Climbing
  • Technological Modification
  • Enhanced Jumping
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Goggles

Juryrigg has the ability to completely disassemble any kind of machinery in mere seconds, fitting to his Gremlin appearance. Despite it being harder for him to do due to his craving to destroy things, Juryrigg can also construct complex machinery from scratch at a similar rate.

Juryrigg has enhanced strength for his size, being able to break both a metal car brake in half[2] and some metal bars that even an Appoplexian could not break.[3]

Juryrigg has a degree of enhanced durability, as he was able to withstand being thrown against a destroyed food truck by a stone creature.[4]

As in accordance with his break it/fix it attributes, Juryrigg boasts an impressive intellect, describing himself as "smart and stubborn".[1]


  • Small Size
  • Uncontrollable Habit

Juryrigg's small size makes him unsuitable for hand-to-hand combat against larger opponents,[4] unless they happen to be machines, in which case, he can dismantle them in seconds.[5]

As mentioned above, Juryrigg has a near uncontrollable habit of breaking and assembling machinery.[2]

Like his name, most of the devices Juryrigg creates are basically on-the-fly or 'jury-rigged'. They are not normally meant to last and will eventually fail. Juryrigg's creations can also be unstable and hard to control, much like Juryrigg himself. The only exception to this is the Tenn-Speed.[6]


Ultimate Alien



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Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Arabic جيري ريج
Bulgarian Сръчния From сръчния, the skillful
Chinese 机能小妖 From 机能 (Jī Néng), function, and 小妖 (Xiǎo Yāo) Goblin
Dutch Duivelskop From duivel, devil, and kop, head of an animal 
French Diabolosaure From diable, devil, and -saure, -saur
German Gnomifax From gnom, gnome, and fax, telefax
Greek Διαβολικός From διαβολικός, diabolic
Hebrew מזיקן From מזיקן, harmful
Hungarian G-nóm From gnóm, gnome
Italian Diavoletto From diavoletto, little devil
Korean 레드킬 From the "레드킬"/"Red Kill"(redu kil)
Norwegian Fikses From "Fixing"
Polish Fachura From fachowiec, expert
Portuguese (Br) Diabrete From diabrete, which means "little devil" ("Diabrete" also means "plug-ugly", "mobber", "bad boy").
Romanian Michiduta From michiduta, urchin
Russian Гремлин
From гремлин, gremlin
From the original English name
Spanish (HA) Juryrigg From the original English name
Spanish (Spain) Duendecillo From duendecillo, little elf


Juryrigg's name comes from the term "jury rig", which means to makeshift repairs or temporary contrivances, made with only the tools and materials that happen to be on hand.


  • From Arc 4 of Omniverse onwards, Juryrigg replaces Echo Echo in the opening intro of the show. He also replaces 11-year-old Perk Upchuck in the opening of Omniverse's Arc 5.
  • Juryrigg, Grey Matter, and Feedback are the only aliens with their own theme song.
  • Friedkin University's mascot bears a resemblance to Juryrigg.[4]
  • Much like the rest of his species, Juryrigg is a great mechanic and builder.[DJW 1]


Crew Statements

Derrick J. Wyatt


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