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The Japanese Dragon is a dragon that appeared in Big in Japan.


This dragon is of a bluish color similar to sapphire. Its body is similar to a snake, but with limbs and it does not have wings like traditional dragons. It has white hair on its head and a mustache of the same color, it also has two white horns.


The dragon is shown to be kind and bringing wealth and fortune to everyone. However, if disturbed while asleep, it would destroy anyone and anything. It seems to appreciate sleep and calm music, as it's the only way to soothe it down and stop its rampage.

When under Tim's control, it attacked people by following Tim's order, while also attacking anything that it found heated, such as Heatblast. As shown later, it did not take being mind-controlled lightly and kept attacking until soothed down.


During the events of Big in Japan, the dragon attacked Four Arms as well as the people in town, destroying everything on its way until Tim intervened and was praised for saving them from it on many occasions.

Ben later led an investigation, after which it was revealed the dragon was remotely controlled by a device Tim put on it to make himself look good.

It chased Ben into town, aiding Tim into attacking him after Ben revealed Tim was the real bad guy. Heatblast battled it and destroyed the mind control device, but it was still angry.

Using his heat to attract it back to the cave where Tim was hiding, Heatblast lured the dragon away from town and Gwen used music on her tablet to soothe it down, letting the dragon sleep peacefully.

Powers and Abilities

Like all dragons, it can spit fire and fly. It's shown to be very resistant, as it wasn't hurt much by Four Arms or Heatblast's attacks.


The Dragon can be calmed by certain musical tunes, lulling it to sleep.

It can also be controlled by a device Tim put on it. The only way of getting rid of the device's control is either to destroy it, or use heat to distract the dragon from Tim's orders.


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