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Iron Kyle was the Midwest Wrestling Champion until The Ring Leader.


Iron Kyle is a curly redheaded teenage kid in a blue suit with red boots. Whenever he fights, he wears robotic armor with the appearance of an overweight adult with yellow arms and a metallic head and jaw.


Iron Kyle is quite arrogant and doesn't care about anyone else's well-being. He hurts every wrestler he fights and even goes as far as to jump on the crowd in order to beat a harmless Crushster.

Just like every wrestler, Iron Kyle doesn't show any shame for cheating, but he got depressed when his secret was revealed and he was expelled from Midwest Wrestling.


Iron Kyle first appeared in The Ring Leader. Though he is stronger than Four Arms, he was almost beaten by him. However, the Omnitrix timed out before Four Arms could deliver the finishing blow. Angered, Iron Kyle attempted to crush Ben. After Ben found out that water is his weakness, he transformed into Overflow and sprayed him with enough water to disassemble his armor. He and Overflow were expelled from wrestling and eventually had a video game match.

Powers and Abilities

While in his robotic armor, Iron Kyle is incredibly strong and able to resist most attacks.


He wears robotic armor suit to help him win wrestling matches.


Iron Kyle's robotic armor is vulnerable to water. The water can make his armor glitch and even destroy it.


Ben 10 (Reboot)

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  • His abilities are similar to Armodrillo's.
  • He has some similarities to Franky one of Luffy's straw-hat from the One Piece anime. Both being human's which use robotic/mechanical arms.
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