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This article is about the Weaponmaster. You might have been looking for Inspector #13, his debut episode.

Inspector 13[DJW 1] is a villain and an ex-Techadon Weaponmaster. He decided to become an independent businessman after Ben meddled with his operations, and he realized that illegal merchandise yields maximum profit.


Inspector 13 has a humanoid appearance with green skin, red eyes, and nasal cavities where his nose should be. He is always wearing a white, full bodysuit with various pockets and a utility belt.


Inspector 13 is cold and calculating with very little in terms of emotion. The one thing that altered his stoic attitude was Ben's remark that the Ultimatrix wasn't a weapon, which caused him to break out into mocking laughter. He believes solely on logic and does not have any concerns about the moral consequences of his business deals with other races.

He does have a sense of pride, as he didn't want the other Weaponmasters to find out that he had been bested by a group of adolescents. He also has a strong sense of self-preservation as he immediately began requesting amnesty and cutting a deal after being arrested by the Plumbers.


Ultimate Alien[]

Inspector 13 made his first appearance in Inspector #13, tracking down Ben while he was playing tennis with Julie. He was able to capture Ben and hack into the Ultimatrix, causing it to malfunction. However, with the interference of Gwen and Kevin, along with Ben, he was ultimately defeated and sent back into space in shame.

After his failure to capture the Ultimatrix, he was removed from the Techadon empire. He now referred himself as an "independent businessman" who dealt in illegal weapons trading.


Inspector 13 made a cameo in Special Delivery as one of the bidders for a dwarf star at Psyphon's auction.

Inspector 13 was one of the main villains in The Ultimate Heist. However, due to the actions of Ben, Rook, Argit, and Albedo, he was eventually arrested by the Plumbers and was last seen pleading for amnesty.

In Clyde Five, he sold Liam the Mark 5 Nanoshift Enabled Exo-Armor. After Liam lost the device to Clyde Fife, Number Thirteen sold him some Techadon robots to help him retrieve it. After that attempt failed, Thirteen sold Liam a remote control for the armor.

Powers and Abilities[]

Like all Techadon Weaponmasters, Inspector 13 has a very high intelligence and is able to create a variety of weapons, devices, and robots, depending on the needs of his customers. He has a wide arsenal at his disposal, which he usually activates through voice command. Some of the technological oddities he uses include a:

  • Code Scanner
  • Quark Modulator
  • Scanalysis Array
  • Concussion Swarm
  • Molecular Vise
  • Code Spool
  • Energy Sword
  • Plasma Cage
  • Dermis Excoriater
  • Radioulnar Decoupler
  • S.P.L.A.T.
  • Meta Shackles
  • Multi-Disposal
  • Cortical Dislocator
  • Guard Robots
  • Close-Range Disruptor

Inspector 13 is resistant to electricity, as seen when Kevin as Nanomech's bio-electricity attacks just drove him back and didn't cause any significant damage to him.

Inspector 13 has high reflexes and can evade attacks very fast, seen when he dodged several blows from Kevin.

Inspector 13 also knew the names and abilities of many different alien species, including humans, Anodites and Osmosians.


Other than his superior intellect and inventing skills, Inspector 13 does not have any special abilities. Normally he has his Techadon Robots or his devices do the fighting for him in battle.

Inspector 13 is relatively as weak and frail as a regular human being (if not more), as seen when Four Arms easily knocked him out cold with a single punch while he was distracted by Kevin and Gwen's constant interruptions upon capturing them.

Inspector 13 is vulnerable to get frozen by a Necrofriggian's ice breath. Also, his close-range disruptor is useless against intangible opponents like Necrofriggians.


Ultimate Alien[]

Season 3[]


Season 3[]

Season 4[]

Season 7[]


  • Inspector 13 sometimes calls an alien species by adding the suffix "-ian" or "-an" to their home planet. For example, instead of humans, he calls them "Terrans". However, he also says normal species names such as Sonorosian.
    • Terrans is a term in science fiction used as an alternative for "humans".
  • The Quark Modulator is specifically designed to combat Osmosians and anything else that can borrow forms from other elements.[GT 1]
  • There are other people in Undertown aside from Inspector 13 who sell illegal alien weapons.[DJW 2]
  • Inspector 13 was created by Geoffrey Thorne.[GT 2]
  • Inspector 13 has an uncanny similarity to Professor Chang from Teen Titans, which was made more apparent in his appearance in Omniverse.


Geoffrey Thorne[]

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