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US Airdate: September 18, 2009


Ben,Gwen,and Kevin discover a secret plot made by Vulkanus which is to drill to the center of the Earth and drop a bomb into it.Ben figures out that his Omnitrix,which currently includes all of his previous Alien Force aliens,and Cannonbolt,Upchuck,and Waybig,that by using hidden alien speech commands,he can unlock new aliens.By doing this,he unlocks 3 new aliens:Wrath,Nanomech,and Loadstar.He reprograms the Omnitrix to transform himself into his selected alien,therefore fixing the mistake from Vengeance of Vilgax Pt. 1.During the fight with Vulkanus in the Earth's core fighting as Big Chill,the methane gas causes him to lose memory of being able to use hidden alien speech commands and other short term things.The new alien seen at the end of War of the Worlds Pt.2,is known as Rath.


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