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The Incursean homeworld was the home planet of the Incurseans.


The planet was mainly red and pale yellow with black marks.


At some point in its history, a civil war between its inhabitants erupted on the planet.

After eons of war, a non-Incursean warrior, in an attempt to stop the war, stole Ascalon to try to restore order and unite the world's people once again. But instead of uniting his people as he had desired, the warrior was unable to harness total control over Ascalon and had caused the destruction of the entire planet as a result.

After the destruction of the planet, a depressed young Azmuth half-heartedly arrived in a shuttle and retrieved Ascalon before departing back to Galvan Prime.

All that is left of the planet is a field of asteroids. Despite the destruction of their homeworld, the Incurseans were somehow able to survive its destruction.


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