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Sorry, but I don't speak... whatever language alien frog men speak.

Ben to Major Glorff.[1]

The Incurseans are a race of toad-like aliens who are intergalactic officers.


The Incurseans are humanoid frog-like alien with three-fingered hands and two-toed feet. They have underbites as well as lines on their chin and the side of their faces. Incurseans come in varying shades of green.

Incurseans typically wear black-and-purple uniform with a respirator as well as purple belt with pockets. They also wear helmets with bulging green eyes that shows off their lower jaw.


The Incurseans first appeared in Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie, where they arrested Ben due to thinking he was Vilgax in disguise. However, they were saved from a Null Void portal by the boy, discovering that Tetrax lied to them.

The Incurseans thanked Ben for saving them by helping him return to Earth, while also clearing all of his charges. They were later seen helping Azmuth take the real Vilgax into galactic custody.


The Incurseans do not talk, but they do make frog noises that untranslatable to the human ear unless a translator like the Omnitrix were to be used. They have a strong hatred for Vilgax.

Powers and Abilities

Incurseans have a frog-like tongue that is long and sticky. It is strong enough to lift up Ben in his space armor. They also have enhanced jumping abilities, like frogs.

Notable Incurseans


Incursion, the word that "Incursean" plays on, is a Spanish word for invasion.


  • The Incursean soldiers physically resemble Major Glorff but wear the typical Incursean uniforms.


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