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No guards, no rules, no parole. On Incarcecon, it's "survival of the meanest".


The Incarcecon Intergalactic Detention Center,[1] better known as Incarcecon, is a prison organization built to contain some of the worst criminals in the galaxy. It is one of many branches, and is located in an unknown region of space.



Incarcecon was built nearly 500 years ago by the very first version of the Galactic Enforcers.[pop-up 1][1]

Incarcecon operates independently from the Plumbers, who have no jurisdiction there unless warranted or if a situation calls for it, like in the special case of incarcerating Vilgax.

There is a "No guards, no rules, no parole" policy on Incarcecon.[2][1]

The only onsite staff are some Galvanic Mechamorphs, acting as maintenance engineers only.[pop-up 2][1]

Ben 10[]

Tetrax, Ben, and Gwen visited Incarcecon to find Azmuth. Soon after approaching the station, its automated security systems were armed and ready to fire on Tetrax's ship. The only way they were able to enter was by using a garbage ship clearance code. They found "Azmuth", or as they would come to find out after escaping Incarcecon with them, Azmuth's assistant Myaxx, who was imprisoned after she sold the cloaking technology used to hide Xenon to Sphoeroid pirates. While escaping from Incarcecon, a Lepidopterran prisoner and many robotic drones chased after Tetrax's ship, but they managed to escape.


In Vilgax Must Croak, an agreement was made with the Plumbers to use Incarcecon to contain Vilgax alone. All its prisoners were evacuated over the span of a week and the entire facility was prepared to operate automatically, down to the food delivery system; and employed a blackout field that rendered outside communications worthless. As Vilgax was being transported by Ben, Rook, and a team of Plumbers, an intervention by Attea with SixSix, SevenSeven and EightEight on behalf of the Incursean Army marooned the Plumber team on the facility. Vilgax ended up fighting Attea's group alongside Ben. After Ben incapacitated Attea's group, and while Rook and the other Plumbers ran to the communications room to shut down the blackout field and call Max for assistance, Vilgax shot Ben in the back, knocking him out, and escaped on the one remaining Gyropod. Attea and her bounty hunters later came to and escaped on their own. Finally, Ben came to surrounded by his group of Plumbers and Max's backup group; the only ones left on the station.

Known Employees[]

Known Prisoners[]

Incarcecon contains roughly two million prisoners spread out over hundreds of levels,[pop-up 3][1] including:

Known Visitors[]


Ben 10[]



Season 3[]


  • Incarcecon is so far away that a wormhole gate was needed to reach it.[1]
  • Since Null Void technology is exclusive to the Plumbers, space law enforcement sends its criminals to Incarcecon.[pop-up 5][1]



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