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Ickthyperambuloids,[DJW 2] also known as Walkatrouts,[1][2][DJW 3] are a fish-like alien species from the Gilli-Perambulous Promenade.[DJW 4]


Ickthyperambuloids are small, blue fish-like aliens. They have stubby fins for arms, a shark-like dorsal fin, and a pair of thin, spindly legs jutting from their underside. They have a wide mouth with an underbite and gills on their cheeks.


Ickthyperambuloids only wear spats as they like to feel the pavement on their flippers.[DJW 5]


Ickthyperambuloids are piscivores, which means they eat fish.[DJW 6]

Powers and Abilities[]

Ickthyperambuloids have slippery bodies.[3][4]

Ickthyperambuloids have gills and can breathe underwater.[5]

Ickthyperambuloids have a degree of enhanced durability, as is shown when Walkatrout was knocked onto the ground along with Speedyquick.[4]

Although their bodies are quite weak, their tails are somewhat strong, as Walkatrout was able to hurt Liam's Vaxasaurian form with it and escape.[2]

Ickthyperambuloids are somewhat acrobatic as they can perform cartwheels.[2]

A Vladat's Corrupturas would not stick to Ickthyperambuloids due to their slippery skin.[DJW 7]


Ickthyperambuloids are physically very weak, as Walkatrout was unable to break through the museum's doors[6] and they are not suited for hand-to-hand combat. They also have no hands, which makes grabbing things impossible for them.

It is implied that Ickthyperambuloids are not very fast, as Ben was disappointed when transforming into Walkatrout when he was trying to run away.[7]

Ickthyperambuloids are very small, giving them a disadvantage against larger opponents. They are only as tall as a Vaxasaurian's foot.[2] Despite this, Ickthyperambuloids are still unable to fit into cramped spaces such as toilets without assistance.[5]

While an Ickthyperambuloid's slippery body can be used well as a strength, it also prevents them from being held up by others,[4] unless they were to be held up by their tails.[2]

Ickthyperambuloids are vulnerable to their natural predator.[DJW 1] They're like trapdoor spiders, but they build a really rough patch in the road and spring out when the Ickthyperambuloids trip on the rocks.[DJW 1]

Notable Ickthyperambuloids[]


Ickthyperambuloid is based on icthys (meaning "fish" in Greek), icky (a reference to their slipperiness), and perambulate (meaning "walk").


  • "Walkatrout" is an inoffensive slang term that is used to describe this species.[DJW 3]
  • Ickthyperambuloids can live for at least 85 years.[DJW 9]
  • Ickthyperambuloids would make great tour guides.[DJW 10]
  • Ickthyperambuloids taste like dolphins.[DJW 11]


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