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Identity Masks,[merch 1] better known as ID Masks, are a type of alien technology used to disguise the wearer.


In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, ID Masks resembled a shocked face and were colored brown.

In Omniverse, the ID Mask looks the same, but are purplish grey instead of brown.


B10R2 (261)

Ben using an ID Mask to transform into a DNAlien

ID Masks can change someone's appearance into a completely different one.

ICW (113)

Kevin using an ID Mask to maintain his human form while mutated

ID Masks made their first appearance in Ben 10 Returns: Part 1, where DNAliens used them to take the forms of various human beings. Ben used one to turn into a DNAlien to sneak through a Highbreed ship.

Max used an ID Mask to become invisible, which shows that they also can be useful for camouflage.[1]

From Inferno up until The Final Battle: Part 1, Kevin used an ID Mask to hide his mutated form and look like his human form. He is able to fix broken ID Masks.[2]

ID Masks are used by Plumbers' Helpers who are obviously part-alien to hide their appearance and be able to roam freely on Earth.[3]

ID Masks can also be used to copy the image of objects, as seen when Ben thought to use Kevin's ID Mask to copy the Ultimatrix symbol and place it onto Vulkanus' back so that the Techadon Robots would attack him instead of Ben.[4]


The image produced by the ID Masks can be momentarily disrupted by flashes of lightning.[5] They can also break and stop producing an image, exposing the wearer.


User Impersonation
Magister Labrid Human in trench coat
Various DNAliens Humans (including Edna and Tyler)
Highbreed Humans
Ben Tennyson DNAlien
Kevin Levin Himself (during his mutation)
Ultimatrix symbol
Max Tennyson Invisibility
Pierce Wheels Teenage Boy
Synthroid Human in trench coat
Michael Morningstar Dante
Bill Gacks Vilgax
Fistrick Ben Tennyson (16 years old; white hooded jacket)
Solid Plugg Ben Tennyson (11 years old)
Liam Ben Tennyson (16 years old; Tenn-Speed rider suit)
Corvo Ben Tennyson (15 years old; green jacket)
Wildvine Ben Tennyson


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Ultimate Alien[]

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  • Originally, Alan Albright's father was a Pyronite who wore an ID Mask to disguise himself in public.[DM 1] This was retconned in Omniverse, as it is revealed that Alan was fully human and given Pyronite abilities by Kevin and an unnamed Pyronite.[6]
  • In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, the ID Masks glowed blue when used but in Omniverse, they glow green.
  • If a Pyronite wanted to wear an ID Mask, they would need a special one that is designed to be heat-resistant.[DM 2]


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