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Hydromanders are axolotl-like creatures.



Hydromander Adolescents

Hydromanders have dark green skin with a whitish yellow belly. They have orange eyes and sharp teeth. They have an orange dorsal fin on their heads, three tentacles on each side of the head and a tadpole-like tail.


Hydromanders are extremely hostile, specially when someone disturbs them.


After waking up, Hydromanders start eating everything around them. Like actual salamanders, they use their tongue to eat.


When Hydromanders die, many smaller Hydromanders sprout from the corpse. Apparently, the newborn Hydromanders have the memories of the one they came from.

Powers and Abilities[]

Hydromanders can breathe and swim underwater, giving them enhanced speed and agility.

Hydromanders can stretch their tongue to a long distance. Their tongue can grab anything and introduce it inside their mouth. If their tongue gets injured, it can regenerate quickly inside the mouth.

They also can move the tentacles from their head and their tail.


The tongue of a Hydromander is more susceptible to be harmed or even cut off while it is stretched, but it regenerates again.

Though they can be outside water for a long period of time, they dehydrate quickly when they are on ground for too long.


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