Humans (short for Homo Sapiens in modern biology) are the main inhabitants of Earth and Ledger Domain.

Human Hybrids

Known species that humans can reproduce with are Osmosians, Anodites, Pierce's species, Tetramands, Kinecelerans and Pyronites. In many cases, interbreeding technology is needed for it to work.

Evolved Humans

An evolved Human's ability is potentially limitless due to their adaptability. The true extent of their abilities is currently unknown at this time.

When evolution takes place, humans become smarter and their brain power increases as shown in The Eggman Cometh.


Kevin explains that some humans that look normal may be part alien. According to Kevin, people with alien ancestry is actually pretty common on Earth. They are especially common among the offspring of Plumbers.

Depending on the person, Magic is something that a gifted individual is capable of doing (such as Hope). Humans are one of the few known species that can do magic (along with Anodites and Geochelone Aerios).

Notable Humans


These humans have not been proven to be part alien.


NOTE: A character does NOT need to be 1/2 human 1/2 other species to be considered a hybrid. They can be 3/4 human, 7/8 human, etc.


  • According to Tetrax, humans are considered "a delicacy" among other species.
  • Humans are the current default for the Codon Stream.
  • Derrick J. Wyatt said here that if an alien were to use the Omnitrix to transform into a human, they would most likely resemble Ben due to his connection to the Omnitrix.

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