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Humans, also known as Terrans,[1][2] are the main inhabitants of Earth and Legerdomain.


Humans are implied to be sexually compatible with several of the alien species in the universe, as there exist several hybrid human/alien citizens, which are especially common among the offspring of Plumbers.[3][4] The most notable example is Gwen Tennyson, who is mostly human, but has some Anodite ancestry thanks to her grandmother. Another example is Ester, who is equally of both Kraaho and human descent.

Powers and Abilities[]

As the attributes of humans are well-balanced mentally and physically, they are able to survive in many different environments and climates. In hybrids with aliens, this can negate or circumvent weaknesses the alien might have. For example, Ester describes Earth's surface temperature as "nippy", whereas a pure Kraaho would be at great discomfort on the surface.[5]

Humans are one of the few species known to perform magic, however, only certain individuals have the talent.

Humans are excellent climbers, being able to climb almost anything.

Humans are very adaptable both mentally and physically, been able to adapt to environment changes quickly and figure out how to deal with unexpected and stressful situations better than most species. For example, whenever Ben can easily figure out what to do and what is going on, Rook remains highly confused.

Humans are the best long-distance runners on Earth, one hunting tactic employed by ancient humans was to chase their prey until it became too exhausted to continue fleeing.

When nanites of Rex's Universe affect people, Humans, they can turn into EVOs, monstrous forms with various different abilities.


Compared to many alien species, whose biology makes them naturally strong, humans have about or below average physical strength. Even if they were to train themselves to improve their physique, the untrained average human would most likely be beaten in a fight with an alien.

Any strength humans have usually come from their numbers, making them highly vulnerable when alone.

Besides their strength, humans are not considered to be very intelligent.[DJW 1] In general, they have about or below average intelligence compared to species such as the Galvan and Cerebrocrustaceans.

Humans are vulnerable to DNA-targeting weaponry such as a Tachyon Cannon, due to the fact that their DNA only varies by less than 1% from person to person.[6][7]

Humans are vulnerable to being possessed by an Ectonurite.[8][9][10]

There are several conditions that humans can be affected by that affects their mind and physical consciousness:

Humans can be rendered unconscious by a Methanosian's sleeping spores.[18]

Humans are considered "a delicacy" among other species,[19][20] meaning that they are vulnerable to being eaten by certain aliens.

Humans can experience pain from electricity, such as that generated by a Nosedeenian[21] and Phil's as a Terroranchula.[22]

Humans are vulnerable to and can be immobilized by freezing technologies, powers, and weapons.[23][24]

Notable Humans[]

Human Hybrids[]

Mutant Humans[]

Altered Humans[]



Former Humans[]

Former Hybrids[]


Former Humans[]


  • The Argitrix, an alternate version of Omnitrix worn by Argit, is the only known Omnitrix to have a confirmed human transformation.[DJW 21]
  • Humans are the species in the show with the most known individuals.
  • Several real people appeared on the show, such as George Washington.
  • According to Tetrax, most alien species love humans in stews.[20]
  • Other than Max, humans are considered an insignificant race from an unfashionable western spiral arm of the galaxy.[DJW 27]
  • According to Duncan Rouleau, all the villains introduced in the Reboot Continuity exist in the Classic Continuity as well.[DR 1]


  1. Manny was mentioned in Gwen 10, a non-canon episode. It is unknown if he exists in the canon timeline.


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