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Hotdawg is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Oscarmayerian from the planet Grillus.[DR 1] He is a joke alien created for an online short.


Hotdawg is an anthropomorphic hot dog with four-fingered hands and boot-like feet. He has red eyes, and a hot dog bun encases his body.

Hotdawg with a guitar

The third time he is used, he appears with a guitar.

Powers and Abilities

Hotdawg is only able to dance and play music.

Hotdawg is also able to gain a rock and roll guitar though it seems to be rather random.


Hotdawg has very little control of himself.


  • Hotdawg first appeared in Rejected Ben 10: Vilgax Hot Dog Fail,[1] where he was used by Vilgax after he took the Omnitrix from Ben, he danced uncontrollably before reverting twice. After Vilgax transformed into him a third time, he had an electric guitar with a strap around his neck.


By Vilgax


  • Hotdawg doesn't have a visible Omnitrix symbol.
  • Hotdawg may be a reference to the Dancing Hot Dog Snapchat filter, which was very popular around the time this alien was introduced.
  • The name of this alien, his planet, and species were provided at request by Duncan Rouleau. He suspects this alien was created by a marketing team contracted by CN, as the core team working on the reboot was not involved.[DR 1]
  • His species name, Oscarmayerian, comes from Oscar Mayer, a company which produces processed meats.


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Duncan Rouleau

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