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You mean something with a little more firepower?

Wreckingbolt before turning into Hot Shot.

Hot Shot is the Antitrix's DNA sample of a mutant Pyronite/unknown hybrid and Kevin's equivalent to Heatblast.


While virtually identical to Heatblast, Hot Shot is greatly similar to punk rock culture. His rocky body, with his internal structure still made of reddish orange magma, is olive green and covers his torso and lower legs while his fiery arms are exposed. He stands taller than his normal counterpart and is muscular. His head is brown with additional fangs and four spikes positioned in the center, resembling a Mohawk, supported by a dome of fire. His legs and hands are enveloped by red crusts, giving them something akin to fingerless gloves and kneecaps. His hands have five fingers. Much like Heatblast, his feet have the same oval design, with only two toes.

While under the influence of Charmcaster, Hot Shot's flames were recolored purple.

The Antitrix symbol is located on his collarbone.

Powers and Abilities

Being part-Pyronite, Hot Shot shares many of the same abilities as Heatblast, such as pyrokinesis, heat generation, and fire breath.[1] However, based on Kevin's alterations to the Antitrix, Hot Shot is most likely much more powerful and hotter than Heatblast although it is unknown how much temperature he radiates as his fire blast caused a honey to become a solid material.

Hot Shot possesses enhanced strength and durability.

Hot Shot can create a fire tornado around himself, as demonstrated by AntiVilgax.[2]


Being part-Pyronite, Hot Shot shares many of the same weaknesses as Heatblast. For example, he is unable to use his powers when in contact with water or any other extinguishers.[3]

Because of his fiery body, Hot Shot cannot hold anything that is not fireproof without burning or melting it.[4]

Hot Shot is weak against magic, as shown when he was constrained by Charmcaster.[3]

Hot Shot can be easily blinded by a Lepidopterran's slime should it get all over his face.[3]

Hot Shot can lose his fire out of exhaustion, as demonstrated by Heatblast.

Due to Kevin's alterations to the Antitrix, Hot Shot is too powerful for the inexperienced Kevin to currently utilize to the fullest.



Ben 10

Season 3

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Video Games

Hot Shot in Ben 10: Power Trip

Ben 10: Power Trip

Hot Shot is a playable alien in the game (multiplayer only). He is the in-game equivalent to Heatblast.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
German Heißsporn From heißsporn, hotspur
Italian Colpo Rovente From colpo rovente, blazing hit
Polish Spiekot From spiekota, heat
Portuguese (Br) Esquentado From esquentado, warmed up
Russian Хот Шот
From the original English name
From поджигатель, arsonist
Spanish (HA) Hot Shot From the original English name
Turkish Sıcak Atış from hot shot


  • Much like Heat Jaws and Alan Albright, Hot Shot is a Pyronite hybrid.
  • Hot Shot shares his name with several Transformers Autobots.
  • Hot Shot bares a striking resemblance to Shock Rock in terms of design.
  • Hot Shot is the only Antitrix alien to have his silhouette shown on-screen.
  • Hot Shot's name is synonymous to Heatblast's. (Heat/Hot; Blast/Shot)


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