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The Hippie Vendor was a vendor that was trying to sell the Titan Gauntlets.


The Hippie Vendor is a caucasian old lady that wears a lot of jewlery. She has grey hair and wrinkly skin. She has black eyelashes and eyebrows as well. Her eye color is black. She wears a green headband with blue flowers with pink seeds on her forhead. She wears a red necklace with glass next to each bead and the necklace has a mirror. Her clothing is a blue dress with green, light blue, and yellow around the sleeves, neck, and bottom. The Hippie Vendor also has two blue bracelets on each wrist and orange earings. She wears brown sandals.


The Hippie Vendor does her job when at work. She tries her best to sell things. She is also very trustworthy, as she tried to sell the powerful Titan Gauntlets, when she could have kept them for herself. She appears to be a nice lady, as she gave Ben and Gwen what they wanted after they saved the day.


Ben 10

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