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Hijacked is the first Ben 10 short.


Two men try to carjack the Rust Bucket while Grandpa Max and Gwen are out. Fortunately, Ben is still on the Rust Bucket and the carjackers end up messing with Ben after he transforms into Four Arms. Four Arms fights off the carjackers but then the Rust Bucket goes out of control. Four Arms tries to drive, but the carjackers hose Four Arms and he accidentally turns on the booster; however, Four Arms turns it off again. Four Arms ties up both of the carjackers and throws them out without Grandpa Max's and Gwen's knowledge of the incident.



Aliens Used


  • When the Rust Bucket was stolen, the criminals drove out through the front of the gas station. Then, even though Four Arms took a U-turn and came back, it is shown pulling in through the back of the station.
  • Four Arms is shown to fit in the Rust Bucket easily in this short. However, in Kevin 11, he barely fit in the Rust Bucket even while sitting on the floor.
  • In multiple scenes, the Omnitrix is not present on Four Arms' shirt.
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