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The Highbreed Tree Monster was a failsafe that would be activated in case the Highbreed lost the war on Earth. It was activated by a Highbreed Officer when his hibernation pod accidentally opened up due to an earthquake. It only appeared in If All Else Fails.


The Tree Monster looks like a giant Highbreed with red eyes covered in trees, soil, and other organic matter. The monster is the size of Way Big.


Alien Force[]

It only appeared in If All Else Fails, where months after the war against the Highbreed ended this robot is finally activated by a Highbreed recruit who was in a state of hibernation. He sent to bring Max and several people for it. Once active he begins his task of absorbing energy in order to carry out its operation. Ben and the team enter into this creature to turn it off, but to achieve it they had to remove Grandpa Max. By doing that they caused this huge machine to almost crush a nuclear factory which could explode if this huge monster does not move. Fortunately, the Highbreed that activated it controlled it and at the same time destroyed itself along with it, thus saving most of the people who were kidnapped.

Powers and Abilities[]

Highbreed Tree Monster is capable of drawing and absorbing nuclear energy from power stations through physical contact, adding it to itself. According to Bunker Highbreed, had the Tree Monster succeeded in sucking power plant dry, it would explode, and the resulting fallout would kill all life on Earth within minutes.

Thanks to its size and composure, Highbreed Tree Monster possesses tremendous strength and is invulnerable to external attacks. Conventional weaponry is useless against it, and it is capable of swatting away 60-foot-tall Vaxasaurian with arm swipe. The failsafe can also instantly regenerate its internal structure.

Due to having several dozens of human beings acting as its nervous system, Highbreed Tree Monster is aware of everything that happens within its body, and can send out "Antibodies" to attack invading organisms. Said Antibodies have superhuman strength and durability, being able to withstand Petrosapien's crystal shards and physically overpower him, can stretch their fingers and roots in stomach as constricting tentacles, and are unaffected by fire.

As a plant-like being, Highbreed Tree Monster nourishes itself by converting moisture and sunlight into motion energy.


Highbreed Tree Monster requires several hosts to control its motor functions properly and once they are removed, the failsafe collapses, falling apart and rotting rapidly. While normally impossible due to its rapid regeneration, species that control flora like Swampfire are able to sever its brain connection.

While physically invulnerable, Highbreed Tree Monster possesses exhaust port that expels gases to the atmosphere, leaving a potential opening for attackers to enter its body.

The Antibodies can be reverted back to human forms by severing the umbilical cords on their backs.


Alien Force[]

Season 2[]

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