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Entire galaxies bow before me, and you will be no exception.

– High Override to Ben.

The High Override is the overarching antagonist of the second season of Ben 10. He first appeared in Innervasion Part 4: Mind Over Alien Matter. He is a Fulmini from the destroyed planet Fulmas.


The High Override has lilac energy as opposed to the blue standard for his species. He has a large crest on his head, as well as sharp fingers and sharp insectoid feet. His eyes are red and his chest, arms, and legs are rock-like. His energy also forms a cape flowing behind his back, and his size is close to that of a To'kustar.


The High Override is highly vain, due to his status over his people.


Because Ben has sent so many beacons to its kind on Fulmas because of transforming into Shock Rock, the High Override was able to get in contact with Ben to begin his plan on the invasion. He helped Ben defeat Vilgax inside a warbot.

He used Ben to sleep-build as Shock Rock to create a robot that will open a portal inside the Omnitrix for which him and his Fulmini army will take over it and the Earth.

High Override debuted as the main antagonist of season 2 in Innervasion Part 4: Mind Over Alien Matter when he came out of the portal to harvest Earth to help save his planet Fulmas. Shock Rock attacked him but fell under his mind control. He then ordered Ben to defeat Vilgax before he sent the Chimeran to the Null Void.

In Innervasion Part 5: High Override, the High Override battled Team Tennyson after they broke Ben free from his control. He was finally defeated when Glitch removed the final piece of the Omni-core, causing the High Override to get sucked into the portal.

He later continued going to different worlds searching for an energy planet for the Fulmini's devastated homeworld, most notably Khoros.

Powers and Abilities

Being a Fulmini, the High Override shares the same abilities as his species and as a higher member can control those of the lesser Fulmini. He can revive the Fulmini with purple energy.

The High Override can augment a Fulmini's power to the point where they could destroy Earth.[DR 1]


Being a Fulmini, the High Override shares the same weaknesses as his species.

Because his power is derived from his army, if the High Override is separated from them, he will be significantly weakened.[DR 2]

Fulmini with a strong will can break out of High Override's control.


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  • The High Override was first revealed at the same toy fair that confirmed the existence of Glitch.


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