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Hex and Charmcaster's Tower is the lair of Hex and Charmcaster. It makes its debut appearance in the episode Time Heals.


The tower seems to have a resemblance to many architecture designs and structures. It takes a strong resemblance between Asian, medieval and renaissance buildings. On the inside there appears to be many pillars and designs of skulls and patterns on a large window above the library room.

The tower is guarded by Stone Creatures, summoned by Charmcaster.

Room Areas

  • Hex's Library: In Time Heals, Hex has a library on the top floor of the tower with a tremendous collection of spellbooks available to read, including the Archamada Book of Spells.
  • Dungeon: Shown in Time Heals, the dungeon is used to keep dangerous and threatening interlopers from causing trouble for Hex and Charmcaster. The Ben from the alternate timeline was held prisoner in the dungeon as Spidermonkey. Since it was only seen in the alternate timeline, it is not known whether or not it actually exists in the real timeline.
  • Front Lawn: Shown in Time Heals. As shown in the alternate timeline, it serves as a rock garden for Charmcaster to use her abilities to create more rock creatures in order to control Bellwood. The Kevin of the alternate timeline was enslaved and put to work here by Charmcaster.


Thievery of the Archamada Book of Spells

In the episode Time Heals, Gwen sneaks into Hex and Charmcaster's house in order to steal the Archamada Book of Spells. Her reason for stealing this book was that so she cast the Time Traveling Spell could go into the past and prevent Kevin's second mutation.

Before going into time, she was warned by Paradox not to do it because it wouldn't be the wisest choice to make and that altering time may have consequences. Ignoring him, Gwen did it anyway. Stopping the mutation and meddling with time, Gwen went back to present so find out that Charmcaster and Hex had beaten Ben's team due to the halt of Kevin's mutation and evolving of his powers. Throughout the episode, a large battle takes place in a tower and Gwen returns to the past to redo the events the way they were supposed to happen.