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By my authority, as the world's foremost expert in the dark arts, I, Hex, demand you grant me audience.

– Hex introducing himself.[6]

Hex is a self-proclaimed "Dark Mage" who desires to rule the world with his vast magic powers.


Hex has grey skin with black symbols on his shoulders. His attire is like that of a tribal or a nomad. He wears a red and black dress and hood, and black pants that are torn beyond his knees. He wears what appears to be some talismans under his neck. He also has black arm guards and long socks that don't cover his heels or toes. His face is painted white and black to resemble a skull. He has black fingernails and toenails.

Occasional Appearances[]


Hex is generally power-hungry and will go to whatever lengths to increase his power and mastery over magic. Though he is often ruthless and arrogant, if someone were to save his life, he would spare them.[7]

Hex adores magic, once becoming offended upon falsely learning that an exclusive wizard society was established without him.[6]

Hex has a bit of a temper and lacks a sense of humor.[merch 1]

Considering his age, Hex feels like everyone in the world are stupid toddlers compared to him. He believes that under no circumstances should they be allowed to touch phenomenal magical artifacts.[KT 3]



Several years ago, Hex began a prophecy in 100 in 100 years, which consists of activating the Eye of Wotan to animate a "seeker", creatures with an insatiable thirst for light, which cause a tear in the fabric of reality leading to the gates of light, which Hex must then bathe in it to regain his power and stay alive.[7]

Hex would spend 10,000 years searching for magical artifacts, such as the Charms of Bezel.[KT 2]

At one point, medieval courts used to hire Hex to punish prisoners, which he did by repeatedly hurling them through portals. According to himself, his record for performing such an act was five straight days.[6]

Ben 10[]

Hex first appeared in Freaky Gwen Ben, where he attacked the Swap Meet while looking for the Titan Gauntlets. After acquiring them, he was defeated by Gwen in Ben's body when she used Upgrade to destroy them. He was arrested afterwards.

In Riding the Storm Out, Hex rode a broom in the Weatherheads' galactic cyclone.

In Brief Career of Lucky Girl, Hex attempted to obtain the wand of Merlin, but his efforts were thwarted by Ben, Gwen, and even his fear of zombies.

In Story, Bored, Hex attacked Castle Kleinhart to steal the Grimoire of Archamada from I.J. Crowling. After taking the Grimoire, he used it to transform into Hexxus.

In Screamcatcher, Hex played off of Ben's greatest fears, but ultimately was trapped inside of his own: a fear of a boring, mundane, normal human life.

In Creature Feature, Hex brought a monster to life to attack Ben. When this almost fatally backfired on him, Ben saved his life, which forced Hex to spare Ben's in turn as part of the code that gives him his magic.

In Half-Sies, Hex appeared in prison with Tim Buktu, Maurice, and Sydney.

In Double Hex, Hex split in two in order to more efficiently defeat Ben and Gwen, but both Hexes ultimately turned against each other until they merged back into one.

In Show Don't Tell, Hex attacked Ben at the Ayasha Plinths, planning to build a Golem with the people that he controlled with a magic spell that caused them to interpret truth as lies and vice versa. Ben eventually managed to break everyone free by sarcastically talking about not caring for Max.

In Buggin' the Buggs, Hex was seen on a magazine cover fighting Shock Rock.

In Them's Fightin' Words!, Hex used the Corn Flute to take control of the McJoy and Hartfield families' necromanced members. He was forced to retreat after the families resolved their conflict.

In What Rhymes with Omnitrix?, Hex is referenced as Charmcaster's uncle, who provided her with a mysterious magical rune as a gift.

In The Greatest Lake, Hex took Kevin as his apprentice and searched for the Sword of McGuffin hidden underwater before being beaten by Ben, Max, Gwen, and even Kevin.

In It's Story Time, Hex used the Book of Eternals to fight Team Tennyson, although his scheme was eventually foiled.

In The Hex Factor, Hex joined a magic club only to be angered at having to perform for people with no magic abilities. He then fights Omni-Kix Heatblast and is soon defeated and taken back to prison.

In Ben Gen 10, Hex took control over humans who were infected with Nanites and alien DNA after Rex Salazar unknowingly sabotaged the Omnitrix. Regularly fighting Agent Six, his plan was foiled when Rex managed to extract his Nanites from the Omnitrix, curing everyone. After being defeated by Rath and Rex, he was arrested by Providence.

Powers and Abilities[]

Hex is a skilled and powerful sorcerer capable of wielding magic to perform a variety of feats. He can levitate both himself and objects, release powerful waves of magic, and create magic force fields,[8] binds, projectiles,[9] lasers,[10] buzz saws,[11] and blades.[2][1]

Hex can also use his magic to cast spells, animate objects,[9] seek out magical artifacts,[10][2] teleport,[10] form illusions, cause levitated objects to suddenly explode,[7] create a blustering wind, terraform the ground,[11] create a substitution of himself (which he can speak through),[12] control people's minds,[1] repair[1] or change[6] his outfit, create portals, and summon creatures from other dimensions, such as Karl.[6]

Using his hydrokinetic abilities, Hex could summon water creatures known as Elementals.[3]

In addition to his magical abilities, Hex possesses enhanced strength[11] and durability.[8] By flying, he can also move at high speeds.[9]

According to himself, he can transform people into toads[9] and newts.[1]

If Hex focused enough, he could be doing magic on par with the power of Alien X.[KT 4]


Hex possesses an artifact called the Eye of Wotan, which he uses to give life to a seeker. The seeker has the ability to seek out ripples in the veil, tearing through the fabric of reality leading to the "gates of light", in which Hex revitalizes his body and powers.[7]

Hex owned a spellbook which he used to cast various spells, such as exchanging the bodies of Gwen and Ben and binding people. However, it was taken by Shasta Fay after Hex's first defeat.[8]

Hex briefly possessed the Titan Gauntlets before Upgrade took possession of and destroyed them.[8]

Hex briefly possessed Merlin's wand. However, he was tricked by Gwen disguised as 'Lucky Girl' into believing that it is not the real one, upon which he threw it away.[9]

Hex briefly possessed the Grimoire of Archamada, which he used to increase his magical powers and turn himself into a giant snake-like creature. However, he lost the book while fighting Ben, thus losing the powers he had gained from it.[13]

Hex briefly utilized a crystal found by Dr. Pang to create a portal to a nightmare realm, which he had control over. However, the crystal was shattered, and he eventually lost control of the realm to Ben.[10]

Hex briefly possessed the Rune of Replication and its accompanying Activation Stone. These stones allowed him to duplicate anything including himself, or double his own power. They were later confiscated by migrating condors.[11]

Hex briefly possessed the Corn Flute, which allowed him to necromance deceased members of the Hartfield and McJoy families.[2]

Hex briefly possessed the Book of Eternals. Using the book, he could perform feats such as absorbing fire. However, it was taken away from him and later destroyed.[14]

Hex briefly possessed Pan's Flute, which let him give consciousness to and control trees.[1]


Hex's biggest weaknesses is that he is very arrogant. As such, he can be goaded into making stupid mistakes by hurting his ego. His general arrogance also makes him lack foresight in the event of his plans failing. Any further inability to note his flaws means he can have his own allies turn against him, even when said ally was himself.[11]

Hex has a fear of zombies.[9]

Hex has to renew his powers every 100 years. Around that time, he starts losing them and becomes powerless and weak.[7]

Hex is quite gullible and can be fooled by simple slights of hands or well-timed deception.




They never had an on-screen interaction, but as implied in What Rhymes with Omnitrix?, their relationship is very distant one. Charmcaster considers Hex to be overdramatic.[CM 1]


Ben Tennyson[]

Tennyson. I see not even the sanctity of the Canadian border can stop your incessant pestering!

– Hex.[3]

2CF (323)

Hex threatening Ben

Hex finds Ben to be a complete nuisance, since he keeps thwarting his plans for domination, especially since he is a recent obstacle in his years of attempted conquering.

Kelly Turnbull compares his feelings towards him to coming home and finding ants in your kitchen that you can't get rid of.[KT 5]


Ben 10[]

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]

Season 5[]

Video Games[]

Hex in Ben 10 Power Trip

Hex in Ben 10: Power Trip

Ben 10: Power Trip[]

Hex is the main villain of the game.

Minecraft: Ben 10[]

Hex is a boss in the game.


  • The reason civilians seem unfazed by many of the villains that threaten them is because humanity has been dealing with Hex for at least 10,000 years.[KT 1]
    • Hex being at least 10,000 years old and yet being Charmcaster's uncle indicates that either she is an adopted niece or that at least one of her parents or grandparents is also a similar age or that despite being relatives, they are not literally uncle and niece.
  • Hex's figure is equipped with the Staff of Ages.
  • Hex, Steam Smythe, and Zombozo are the only present-day villains that appear in every season of the reboot.
  • Both being monochromatic pointy-toothed cat-eyed "magicians", Zombozo and Hex have an odd-couple energy with Hex's snobby serious no-fun attitude and Zombobo's manic glee.[KT 6]
  • Kelly Turnbull thinks Hex is one of the coolest villains in Ben 10 due to his versatile powerset.[KT 4]
    • Kelly also believes that the reason Hex has been unable to fulfil whatever ambition he has to take over the world in all his thousands of years of bumming around is because he is actually afraid of success and keeps setting himself up for defeat.[KT 7]



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