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The Omnimatrix, nicknamed the Hero Watch, is the Dimension 23 equivalent of the Omnitrix.


This Omnitrix's appearance resembles the original Omnitrix prior to its recalibration, except the interface is blue instead of green, much like everything else in this dimension. As well as the face having a golden rim instead of gray. It is blue and light blue in color instead of gray.


Store 23 (34)

Ben 23 transforming

Aside from the difference in color scheme, this Omnitrix essentially has identical function and abilities as its mainstream counterpart, letting Ben 23 transform into a variety of aliens with all of their powers and weaknesses, but must take care when the Omnitrix times out and requires a recharge before transforming again. Apparently, a key difference between this Omnitrix and the main timeline one is that its selection of alien DNA is in groups of 23, rather than 10, (hence the name of Ben 23).

Since it closely resembles the original Omnitrix, one could assume that it has all the functions and weaknesses of the original model of its dimensional counterpart. At the same time, because of its more simplistic design compared to the Prime Ben's Omnitrix, it is easier for Ben 23 to access the aliens of his choice.

Known Aliens

Name Species
Brainfrog Galvan
Build-A-Guy Segmentasapien
Big Bug Lepidopterran
Charcoal Man Pyronite
Copy Copy Sonorosian
Dino-Mighty Vaxasaurian
Dog-Nabbit Vulpimancer
Electricyeti Gimlinopithecus
Eye Guy Opticoid
Fastcat Citrakayah
Feedback Conductoid
Freezeghost Necrofriggian
Freezelizard Polar Manzardill
Giant-Manster To'kustar[MW 1]
Handy Man Tetramand
Lightning Volt Transylian
Mr. Monkey Arachnichimp
Muck-A-Muck Polymorph
Mr. Mucky Methanosian
Nighty Knight Nemuina
Orbit Man Galilean
Rollaway Arburian Pelarota
Speedyquick Kineceleran
Techno-Bubble Galvanic Mechamorph
Teeny-Weeny Human/Nanochip
Toolboxx Talpaedan
Unknown[DJW 1] Appoplexian
Vomit Man Gourmand
Windy-Hindy Chronosapien


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